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"My healing session with Harriette was so amazing that I'm still speechless.  100% effective.  100% accurate.  100% amazing! 
I don't even know where to start."  Susan Bueno, Utah

Thank you, to all of the clients who have contributed to this page. ♥  Harriette Knight

"I've have solicited Harriette's help over several years and have found her to be a huge help whether I need healing of the physical body, psychic counseling, or astrological insight.  She is very capable, very encouraging and upbeat.   I trust that she is the real deal-- she is not a fake or a con artist, she is a deeply spiritual person, and I know she constantly works at cultivating her skills. She has many tools in her toolbox.  Check out her books too, she has one on how to work with your chakras and one on how to work with gemstones and their various properties-- they are easy and fast reading and very informative!"  L.S. Boulder, CO

"I suffered from chronic migraines and was on numerous medications.  I saw Harriette briefly, maybe it was 10 or 15 minutes, for a quick healing and psychic reading.  No one has been more surprised than me, that I have been pain-free ever since.   I can't thank her enough."  Christine Clark

"I had my first healing session with Harriette and cannot begin to tell you how amazing it was! The entire experience was so uplifting. I left feeling positive, strong and most importantly, peaceful.  In my final message I found exactly what I needed to hear to help me through the obstacles I have been dealing with.  I will carry this experience in my heart and know that things will only get better. 
Thank you so much, Harriette!"  Love, Lorraine Marrujo


"Harriette Knight is highly intuitive, accurate, and professional.  Her intuitive clarity is refreshing, and her healing sessions transformative.  I would recommend her services to anyone."
Dr. Lin Morel, CEO 

"Before I met Harriette I tried to keep an open mind, but I was also a bit skeptical. I do believe in spiritual healing, but also know there are scam artists out there. I can say without hesitation that I was truly blown away with the things Harriette could see within my soul.  I was so pleasantly surprised that she was able to provide details of my past life and to really know who I am without knowing me before.  I felt an afterglow at the end of our session because I knew she was for real and offered me hope for my future.  I would definitely recommend Harriette and want to go back again myself.  I feel a new sense of life and relief since seeing her and really feel like she cleaned out so much of the negative energy and luggage I have been carrying around for years. Harriette, you really made such a difference in my life and I am so thankful!"
Renee' K. in California

"Six years ago, I suffered from horrible fibroids in my uterus. Besides the pain and discomfort that prevailed, I also looked five months pregnant. For someone closer to menopause than childbearing years, this made the situation even more unbearable. I want to preface the rest of the story saying that I was a "non-believer" in any type of healing, and was scheduled for surgery. Harriette Knight lives in California, and I live in New Jersey. We had been childhood friends, but had not seen each other in years. When she heard about my plight, she offered to do distant healing, and reminded me that I had nothing to lose since the surgery was already scheduled. Harriette did healing on me from afar without me even knowing it was happening. She did three consecutive sessions, but after the first session I woke up with a flat stomach! Even my co-workers noticed the difference. I went to the doctor and continued with the surgery as planned. He remarked that the fibroids were a lot smaller than they originally thought, and everything went as smooth as silk. Years later when we saw each other for our High School Reunion, I got a paper cut while hanging some decorations. Harriette took my hand and did healing, and the paper cut vanished before my eyes!  I’m certainly a believer now!" 
Ellen Sossin


"Recently I found out that I have Fibromyalgia.  I have had so much pain in my shoulders, low back, hips and upper back that my doctors put me on Kadian, which is a form of Morphine. Along with other pain meds, anti inflamitory meds and vitamins etc...I also have had my other pain meds changed so I have been feeling really out of it.  I have not been able to sleep and have had a hard time participating in my art classes.  I have been using a cane to help me walk and been to my pain specialist twice a week, with no relief except when the Dr. injected a numbing agent directly into my spinal fluid at the nerve. Then I remembered how good I felt after a healing session with Harriette last year.  I called Harriette and went for my appointment two days later, within a few minutes I started feeling changes in my body.  I couldn't believe it when I walked out of the session without the use of the cane! 
Harriette, thank you so much." 
Love, Linda F.


"Thank you, Harriette! Thought you'd like to know that I was FULL of energy today, and I  don't think it was from the one cup of coffee I had for breakfast!  Thank you for the enlightening session." 

Sincerely, Karla Edwards

"I was feeling very confused with my life and the decisions I was making lately.  As luck would have it, I received an e-mail from Harriette regarding one of her healing session she was having.  Harriette had given me a long distance healing session about 4-1/2 years ago and it changed my life at that time. As I lay on my bed for the recent distant session, I knew the exact moment Harriette was with me.  A warming sensation came into my body, my heart rate slowed and I felt a tingling sensation, especially to my upper body.  She mentioned various facts that hit me that were happening in my life. But the one message she gave me, "I see children looking up to you" was so very wonderful.  You see, I've always wanted to write a childrens book.  As a matter of fact I was working on it the morning of Harriette's session with me.  That one statement pushed me into keeping my promise to myself that I would write a children's book this year.  Another, final picture Harriette had was a dove flying upward.  That symbol means more to me than anyone can know.  It gave me peace and the ability to make the decisions I must to put my life on forward.  Bless you, Harriette, and your ability to heal, not only the body, but the soul."  Linda Sailor

"Joe Vitale, from The Secret, has recommended that if you feel stuck in your life you should get a healing.  The thought of being healed had been on my mind a lot when I met Harriette.  After speaking to her I knew that she was a gift to me.  With an open mind (because I never had a healing before) and eagerness in my heart, I met with Harriette.  Several things happened.  First, she told me two specific things that no one knew except me.  Second, she told me exactly what I needed to hear at that time in my life to help me move forward.  And finally, I have been moving forward with jumps in my personal and professional development since I have been healed by her.  It was an amazing experience. Thank you, Harriette...until we meet again."  
Elizabeth S.  

"I have had three sessions with Harriette and all were amazing! My body has never experienced anything like it before. I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. And the messages that she relayed to me related to everything I was experiencing in my life right now. She has been a blessing to me. "   Joan P.


"I am usually skeptical of psychics and "intuitives"; while I want to believe they can help, I'm never fully comfortable paying them and trusting their words. With Harriette it was different. My first session with her was amazing. Without knowing me, she told me things about me and my past that were so "right on" it was almost spooky.  Her insights gave me much to think about and her final message to me each session has been exactly what I needed to hear for strength and inspiration. Her heart is pure and I have no doubt that she is a real channel for things we cannot see on the physical plane. Harriette has a true gift...she lives in the light and lets that light work through her to heal others. I can't recommend her enough!"
Tricia Greaves   


"Experiencing a Healing Session with Harriette, and receiving the intuitive messages has helped me to believe in myself and my own intuition so much more.  I was amazed at the details of what she saw and shared with me.  I felt lighter afterwards, and shed some things that were really weighing me down.  It was an incredible experience that I look forward to having again."

Tera McHugh, Founder, Association of Women Entrepreneurs 

"I just now have had the epiphany you told me of in our last session. I bought the book you suggested and attempted to read it. Nothing came of it. I was still too much in a closed world to wake up and SEE.  However, one Sunday a few weeks ago, I learned that my church was giving a class on the exact book you mentioned.  I knew I had to take the class and within the first 20 minutes of the class I realized that I had been blind to what was in front of me. After the second class and the homework, I had the epiphany!  The lights came on!  I am now open and learning about how I limit my happiness, and more importantly, I am learning how to change myself to increase my happiness to a point where I will always be happy. Thanks for your help. I doubt I could have opened the door on these issues without you."  D. A.


"I have had three healings from Harriette in the past year, which has been the most difficult year in my life.  Each time I have come out feeling better and lighter.  The most recent one was so helpful.  I had been having physical pain, along with the psychic pain.  My experience during the healing gave me solace and afterward I truly felt as though the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders.  The messages she received for me were so helpful and comforting, and one in particular was confirmed through another source the next day.  She is helping me through such a difficult time and I will be back for another healing when the need arises. "  Beth


"Thanks so much for the wonderful healing session!  Your messages were really on target!  I am digesting your wisdom in making a decision about the job offer at work by connecting to my "inner voice", and will do so in guiding my life. Even though you were in California and I was in my home in New Jersey, my healing experience was as powerful as if you were in the room with me!  I really enjoyed our session, and I hope to meet you in person some day."
Joleen B. in NJ


"Dear Harriette,
I just wanted you to know that things we discussed at my last reconnective healing session were RIGHT ON!!!    I am happy to tell you that on Feb 14 the man that I've been dating for about a year asked my to marry him.  I guess that was the big Feb surprise!!  Now to look forward to March.  Thank you for the comfort and peace you bring to me when we have our sessions."
Lots of Love, Yo in WA


"I wanted to thank you so much for today. It was a true spiritual tune up. I have been thinking all day about the things you told me. It was so exciting.  Thank you for your amazing spirit. " Hillary Broadwater  



"Harriette's psychic readings are very insightful and specific.  So many self-proclaimed psychics give you nothing but vague philosophical mumbo-jumbo that could apply to anyone.  But Harriette "saw" things that resonated with what I had been experiencing, and helped ME to "see" things differently.  Already, two of her very specific predictions have come to pass." Lisa Sarasohn www.hire-order.com

"Harriette,  Thank you so much for an incredible healing session yesterday.  I have never experienced anything like it nor have I ever experienced the after effect of lightness.  Your work is so important and valuable and I feel blessed to have a resource such as you living so close. What a gift you have to share!" Love and Light,  Linda Clements

"I feel like our session has set in motion some blocked up energy and I have a feeling it will gain momentum in the coming weeks and months (in a great way). I already completely changed my room around (really it was like I hadn't moved into my place even though I'd been here almost a year and a half), cleaned everything and made some better feng shui, and started painting (creativity is good for my soul). I now feel committed to wherever I am at this moment and that is so freeing, even if where I am has some pain. Thank you so much for being a resource for helping me tap back into myself and the universe. It's so comforting knowing you are always there."
Love and blessings, Karen Wolfe 


"Harriette has touched my life through her work as a healer, as a mentor and friend. About a year ago I felt the urge to connect with Harriette. As a matter of fact, her business cards kept popping up and multiplying around my home! I knew I was getting a strong message that I needed to come and see her. Through the Reconnection she did with me, the information overload I was feeling began to slow down so I could see clearly the path I needed to be on for optimal growth. The messages she shared at the end of the sessions were powerful, and I look back at them for guidance when I feel off track. I am thankful to Harriette for the healing of mind, body and spirit she is able to perform. She has a clear connection to her True self and is a guide for those blessed enough to experience her many gifts. There is a feeling of pure heart in her healings that is far more advanced than other energetic work I have encountered. As a Life Coach I meet many who are in the world of transformation and Harriette has a rare and beautiful gift. Thank you Harriette for being a light that shines so brightly in our Universe." ~
Crystal Silver Star  

"Dear Harriette, Just wanted to thank you again. I feel amazing. The session was informative and very revealing. The "lightness" and the light I saw and feel were amazing." God Bless, Kathy




"This is really funny, and cool and I wanted to share this with you.
One of the messages you gave me during the healing session was that I would be going shopping and it would be to treat myself. Now, when you told me this I was thinking, “hmm, that’s odd, that’s so left field compared to the other things you were sharing.”  So I just shrugged that message off.  A few days later, my job sent me a gift card for $100!! Well, this weekend, I was going to do a bit of shopping online using the gift card. I found some nice items but after the $100 gift card applied, I would owe $2. Not bad, right? But wait – there’s more! I just happened to check the balance of the gift card to make sure $100  was really there (I was still in shock to actually get this gift card.). I check the balance and it shows $254.18!!!!! I just stared at the card for a while. I could not believe it. I called Corporate to see if there had been a mistake. They said it was no mistake and the card has just what it says it has. They said,“Happy Shopping.”  THEN I remembered your message about going shopping! LOL!! And I also remembered from your Daily Om course about learning to received. I thanked my Angels, God, Universe – lol! And I bought two handbags and two pairs of sandals!!! Isn’t that trippy!! I can’t stop laughing about it.  
And so far, the best part of the session is that I feel stronger and less afraid. I literally feel fear leaving. It’s amazing!!  Thank you so much, Harriette! "   Pamela C., Oregon



"I've been sleeping uninterrupted since our session.  I believe it is due to your powerful sense of the universe and the person who you are healing.  Also, and unbelievable as it seems, I have received bills from my creditors for payments much less than usual!  Very strange, but wonderful for me.  I am still stressed about my home, but I've been reading/saying the chakra meditation each evening and I believe that helps also.  You are one of my earth-bound angels.  Thank you, thank you, thank you." Linda S.


"Thank you so much Harriette! It was a very, should I say, liberating experience. I feel like a big burden was lifted from my chest. Thank you so much. Looking forward to seeing you again."  M.


"Harriette,  You did a reading for me on Sunday at the Holiday Boutique.  I can't tell you how wonderful that was.  Everything you said was right on.  I couldn't believe some of the things you came up with.  There is no way you could have known!
The thing that made the most difference for me is that you validated for me that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  That has really put me at ease.  I now know that my kids are my purpose and feel that I can commit to being their mother more than ever before.  I have always been happiest at home with my family.  Now I know why.  They are my reason for this life and I don't need to worry about the fact that I don't want more than what I have.  In regards to the healing you did, I feel freer than I have ever felt. I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can really relax.  You have made a real difference in my life and helped me feel comfortable in my own skin.  Thank you!"  A.W.


"I met Harriette at a networking meeting, where she was the speaker. After listening to several women giving her rave reviews, I decided to make an appointment with her myself. After the fabulous Reconnective Healing session was over, Harriette spoke about the psychic, intuitive messages she had received.  (Keep in mind that she knew nothing about me!)  I was so excited to hear about the three spirits surrounding me, as they were the three people that I thought about daily, and missed the most!  Harriette spoke of their personalities, my relationship with each one, even their physical looks -  and she was right-on! Harriette gave me so much information, but these three things really amazed me: She said that something very significant happened between my mother and myself when I was sixteen.  Yes, we had a huge argument and I left home, permanently.  She also said that I lost my identity at age seventeen.  Yes, I got married. My mother and I had a rocky-relationship throughout our lives, but when she passed away suddenly, I was devastated and guilt-ridden.  Harriette told me that she saw my mother lovingly cover me with white roses – like a blanket.  What Harriette did not know was when I went to my mother’s apartment after her death, I took the blanket she had on her bed, just to feel close to her and wrapped it around me….it was white.  Thank you Harriette, for all that you do!!"  Gabriele Agustini 

"I just love Harriette Knight! She has such a great, uplifting spirit. Her healing session was incredible. I actually experienced the presence of Ascended Masters in my room, completely unexpected and amazing! She is not only a great healer but an inspiration to me! Her healings have transformed my life and helped me connect better with Spirit.

Personally speaking Harriette, you are an inspiration to me. I first heard of you when you were on my friend (fellow astrologer) Dionysus' Blog Talk radio show. And I love that you do astrology, mediumship, healing plus are creative/artistic, designing jewelery as well. At the time I first heard you, I was trying to figure out what to do with my life. I went to art school (creative, yes) but didn't do that. I'm pretty knowledgeable about astrology and also getting back into developing my mediumship abilities working with angels, and healing. SO...as you can probably figure out--you came along at the right time! I believe through you, the Universe was telling me that I can do it all--because you are doing it! Quite extraordinary!

Also wanted to tell you, since the healing, at night I've been seeing colors/light which I believe are angels. I usually just feel them but now I'm actually seeing the light/colors! So this is from your Reconnective Healing!  I hope I can meet you in person one day."

             Love and blessings, Allison Ahearn,  Massachusetts

"I can tell you from the first 10 minute session at a party I was hooked on Harriette Knight!  Not only did she surprise me with information since I was hesitant, but she is such a lovely calming woman in person.  I had my first healing session largely due to so many changes in my life.  I learned alot about myself that day and what was going on and why. Harriette gave me information that propelled me to start listening and focusing on handling my life in a better way.  I lived my life for several weeks, I was really having fun and enjoying my new attitude, my new energy, I felt alive and happier than I have felt in years. Something had changed within me and it got me curious to learn more.  Tragically, I met a man who I was having fun with but he really disappointed me. His news hit me like a ton of bricks, I felt helpless out of control and worried that my new found happiness was about to be shattered forever.  I called Harriette and asked if she had time for a healing, I needed her help asap! After my second healing with Harriette, I was totally calm and felt so much better I really had trouble understanding how this could be.  Again, I was told information that surprised me and also made me feel secure in that indeed someone is looking out for me. My troubles drifted away and although I think about it still, I now have some new coping skills. All I can say with certainty is that Harriette Knight is wonderful.  I look forward to another healing when that time arrives. I am delighted I have found Reconnective  Healing and Harriette Knight.  Thank you so much." 
Maria Saenz, California


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Harriette Knight is Featured in the 2016 Top 50 Psychics in the United States

"If you are looking for some guidance through a rough period, Harriette is the one to call. She will lift your spirits with her incredible intuitive abilities.  She is ABSOLUTELY GIFTED!! I've never known anyone to be an earth walking angel like Harriette." Cathy Margolin, Owner of Pacific Herbs


Tree Pose by Harriette Knight

"Thank you Harriette for the most amazing, spot on reading last week. I've had some time to meditate and think about what you told me. Everything you said helped me get through this situation with grace and ease and I'm so thankful to know you. You've have lifted a huge burden and are such a blessing.
CM, Oregon

Hands Love Hamsa by Harriette Knight

"I have had three sessions with Harriette and all were amazing! My body has never experienced anything like it before. I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. And the messages that she relayed to me related to everything I was experiencing in my life right now. She has been a blessing to me. " Joan P.

 Elephant hamsa by Harriette Knight