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With many thanks to all who have taken the time to write about their experiences.
I am so grateful.  Harriette Knight

"Thank you Harriette for the most amazing, spot on reading last week. I've had some time to meditate and think about what you told me. Everything you said helped me get through this situation with grace and ease and I'm so thankful to know you. You've have lifted a huge burden and are such a blessing.

For anyone reading this who needs some guidance through a rough period, Harriette is the one to call. She will lift your spirits with her incredible intuitive abilities. She is simply GIFTED!! I've never known anyone to be an earth walking angel like Harriette."

Cathy Margolin


"Hi Harriette, I have to share my good news with you. The last time we met I was questioning my relationship with a man I was seeing, but the first thing you said to me was it was my deceased husband's old friend and I said no. Well, you knew what I didn't at the time. The man I was seeing didn't call and I lost interest. My husband's friend, came to have lunch and we are now together and I couldn't be happier. I've known him since 1991 and my kids are thrilled as well.I never thought I would be so lucky as to have 2 great loves in my life.Thanks for all of your love and support. You are truly a special lady."  T.M. 

My Dear Harriette, I cannot begin to thank you enough for our session. I feel like shackles have been removed from heart and soul. I had no idea how all consuming his issues had taken over my life to the point of mentally and physically crippling me. Now I feel I have the strength to take my life back. I am so blessed and grateful to have you my Angel in my life. Much love to you and your family, Gloria

"Harriette, thank you seems so small a word, but it comes from a place of deep gratitude for your gifts and healing presence. I'm still processing the information and when I listened to the recording it just was so on point that it kind of took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. But these were the healing kind of tears and I am breathing deeper now. If I could I would give you the biggest hug. Thank you, thank you, thank you."  D in NJ


"I listened to the cd last night & I have to tell you, you were so accurate about everything. Like to the T accurate. I am so blessed to have met you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For the healing." Regards, Neetta R.

Dear Harriette, Thank you so much for the session and healing earlier today. I had only recently learned about you, yet it seemed my appointment was timely and very relevant to where I am on my life path. It's true, the saying that goes "when the student is ready, the teacher appears." I now consider you to be one of my greatest teachers, and my life has changed forever. I continued to feel the healing in a profound way as time went on after we spoke, with the symptoms that I mentioned were my primary reason for contacting you, immediately disappearing. For this I am forever grateful, because without this pain you have given me a new lease on life. You are a very gifted healer and proof that in life there is an angel somewhere in human form who can help you get back on your path. You are awesome!" Best, TG



"I had suffered through a couple of heart attacks, have ongoing COPD, and was at a loss as to how to move forward with my life. During my medical leave, I started listening to you, on Blog Talk Radio, which was about two years ago.  

You gave me the strength to make a move in my life I was scared to do, retire early and give myself a life! And, I did just that.  

I knew I would have to budget my employer’s pension fund, only withdrawing enough funds to sustain, while awaiting early Social Security payments, making sure that there was still have enough pension left over, to continue to cover my health insurance costs through the end of my life.    

And, I have done that!  

Each week, you give us guidance, instructions, readings, healings, and, in my case, the inner strength to acknowledge myself and to do things that will benefit me, which in turn, benefits everyone I come in contact with.  

From listening to your shows, I can honestly say “I love to meditate” now, and I am finding new ways to expand my energy, be true to myself, and heal myself. 

I have a long way to go, but I know that if I ever stumble, I can always tune into your weekly show or listen to an archived show! Even though your shows are based on what is happening in the universe, I honestly feel that each show was drafted for me, to help me overcome my obstacles in life.

I am so very blessed that you came into my life! I wish that everyone could have the opportunity to find you, an answer to a prayer.  

You have shown me how to live again, and for that I will always be grateful."

Your friend,  Carol Curran Johnson  



"Thank you so much yesterday! I went to sleep without feeling anxious! This morning I could smell my grandmothers perfume and I felt very warm and tingly! Thank you again for all your help! You are such a blessing!" 

Lianne Whiteside


Hi Harriette! I have to say I LOOOVE your radio show, Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. I was in chat on Wednesday and called in the previous Wed. Just want to confirm both of my mini-readings!   

Wednesday 5/21/13 - Chat.

I was in chat and asked if you could check my chakras. 

My guides told you I like purple.  - You noticed I wrote in purple on chat but a few hours after the show ended I noticed I was wearing a solid purple t-shirt AND was listening to the show   with purple headphones! Most of my clothes are blue and I rarely wear that particular shirt so that was cool!

Wednesday 5/15/13 - Call in

You mentioned sometime last  week Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, a job opportunity would pop up. And Thursday an energy shift regarding a job. You weren't  sure if it  was something I applied to previously or if I would be contacted out of the blue. 

On Tuesday I was contacted about 2 temp opportunities at a companies I've been dying to   work for. You nailed that! so cool! I interviewed at  company on Thursday and they sent an offer Friday morning.  You got the that too! 

Thank you SO much for all your guidance. You are so gifted!! I appreciated it so much. Listening to your show helps me stay positive :o)  Trea S.


"Hi Harriette...I wanted to thank you again for your time this week. 2 days of no cough, no heaviness and burning in my chest. I have awakened the last 2 days a bit more refreshed and much less congested! I realize I have had the cough for 2 years...unbelievable??!! I so appreciate your gift and how in a few minutes brought clarity and closure to a painful chapter. You can't imagine how much time and money going to doctors in the last 3 years w/ no results nor any type of healing. You have changed my life." P.L.

"Thanks, Harriette, for the  wonderful healing!  You're so amazing, as always!  I feel so well-rested (like I slept for a hundred years :-) ), peaceful and calm. My frustration over a misunderstanding with a friend and other worries and concerns melted away. It feels like I had months of psychotherapy sessions plus regression. :-) Thank you very much and may you be blessed always!!!"  Cheers & best, N.R.

Harriette! Thank you so much!!! And thank you so much for the recordings and messages. I'm so excited to listen to the recording again.  I am so grateful for the healing session you did with me. I feel as though an enormous weight has been lifted off of me. The messages you delivered to me offered me such peace, and for the first time in a long time I'm looking towards the future with excitement and hope rather than fear and dread. The healing itself was amazing and so freeing. You are such and kind and wonderful person and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to do this session with you. You truly have an amazing gift. I really cannot put into words how much this session meant to me. Love & Blessings, Nicole




From M.C. in California~

Dearest Harriette:  

First of all, I want to apologize for not writing you sooner, it’s just I wanted to be sure and sincere in writing you.

When I got home after my healing session with you, the energy in my house was IMMEDIATELY different, positive and I felt I could finally BREATHE!  I called my girlfriend right away and shared my experience – I was so excited that I was on the verge of tears.  She was definitely skeptical and wanted to bring me back down to earth, “Maybe you’re just feeling like this because you were TOLD … you know, the power of suggestion.  Just think about when someone pays you a compliment on your looks, it makes you feel great all day.”  Okay – so maybe she was right.  So I waited a few days, then a week and now it’s been nearly 3 weeks and that NEGATIVE, heavy, SAD, energy is NOT back.  In fact, I’m STILL feeling terrific!

One IMMEDIATE indicator is that I no longer have this OVERWHELMING sense of sadness, like the “verge of depression” feelings have finally left, and thankfully, without years of psychotherapy and medication.  Been there before, done that.  I feel energized and happy and on those days that I’m not feeling so “up”, I’m at the VERY LEAST content … haven’t felt this way – like I got a Mulligan, in YEARS and YEARS!

My 18 ½ yr-old daughter has been a little “lighter”.  She has smiled more and her teen-angst, doom & gloom mood has lifted.  In fact, she started a business and is selling feather hair accessories!  (No inkling to do so before my session with you!).  And one of the most CLEAR evidence that the “gloom” is gone from my house is that she’s (GASP!) cleaned her room!  She’s opened the curtains, has let the sunshine in, purchased some dream catchers to rid her of some really bad dreams (maybe I’ll send her to you), and has spent more (enjoyable, fun) time with me.

My husband has been attentive, loving and gentle – WOW!  Everyone (including my boss) was thinking he was perhaps manic or bi-polar since his mood swings were violent and angry.  But perhaps he’s “settled” in his mood swings a little because I too have not been manic.  We’ve had two or three “bumps” since seeing you, but its always involved problems with my step son.  Also, through those “bumps” we’ve managed to be loving and caring whereas before we wouldn’t talk and hold grudges for days and days.  Sean’s been feeling so “good” since I saw you that after living in the house since Oct ’08, he’s FINALLY cleared the garage … I mean has EVERYTHING up and out of the way, like he’s been planning to do for YEARS.  I have to giggle as I’m writing you this because when Elaine Wright came to Feng Shui my house, she looked in the garage and said, “Oh, you’re really gonna need a BIGGER wind chime!” … I bet she wouldn’t believe it if she saw it now!  It’s really been quite a feat!

As I mentioned, my step-son is still a challenge, and my husband has not gotten more work (which we DESPARATELY need), but after my session with you, I (we) have been able to feel hopeful again … I’ve cleaned, re-energized and hung my crystals once again in my house, willing to give Feng Shui another try after your healing.  The occupants in my house have finally been able to sit, concentrate and finish tasks whereas before we were just a chaotic bunch of people, in the same house, with a ton of jumbled “to do” lists in our individual heads, consistently on the go and irritated with each other.  Would you believe we actually were able to sit down as a FAMILY this weekend to celebrate my birthday and did not have ONE issue or argument!?  In fact, we all laughed, played two family games and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company for the first time in YEARS.

I cannot thank you enough for your help!  Meeting you was such a blessing … and I’ve so needed help for so long!  Most importantly – since meeting with you I am very, very hopeful for a year/future full of love, POSITIVE experiences, and financial success.  Perhaps I can meet with you to give that end of my life a little “push”! J 


"Harriette is a highly professional energy reader! Fast, accurate, to the point. Certain things that we wonder about, will become clear with the suggested clues and guidance. Whole reading is recorded and it's such a great idea! I was very happy and satisfied with Harriette's information!" Natasha Cooke in California





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Harriette Knight is Featured in the 2016 Top 50 Psychics in the United States

"If you are looking for some guidance through a rough period, Harriette is the one to call. She will lift your spirits with her incredible intuitive abilities.  She is ABSOLUTELY GIFTED!! I've never known anyone to be an earth walking angel like Harriette." Cathy Margolin, Owner of Pacific Herbs


Tree Pose by Harriette Knight

"Thank you Harriette for the most amazing, spot on reading last week. I've had some time to meditate and think about what you told me. Everything you said helped me get through this situation with grace and ease and I'm so thankful to know you. You've have lifted a huge burden and are such a blessing.
CM, Oregon

Hands Love Hamsa by Harriette Knight

"I have had three sessions with Harriette and all were amazing! My body has never experienced anything like it before. I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. And the messages that she relayed to me related to everything I was experiencing in my life right now. She has been a blessing to me. " Joan P.

 Elephant hamsa by Harriette Knight