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Harriette Knight's 7 Tips for Self Love has helped many people re-ignite their inner light for love, happiness, joy, success, and fulfillment in their lives

The 7 tips are listed below, but the answers you are looking for are in a recording just for you!  Simply click on the photo below, and start listening immediately! The mini class, How to Love Yourself was previously recorded, but the tips are timeless and can change your life today.


"I love this recording! I felt as if Harriette was talking directly to me!  And I found myself laughing so much, I forgot I was taking a class about Self Love! I am definitely loving myself much, much more!"   Helen Woo


7 Tips for Self Love
by Harriette Knight 


1. Remember that you are already perfect.


2. Stop the negative mind chatter.


3. Make NO your favorite word.


4. Love the Baby!


5. Put yourself first.


6. Honor Receiving


7. Reclaim your power!*

*The verbiage for the process described in the presentation is accessed by clicking the link.


To find out how to implement each tip, please click on the photo below and take advantage of an exciting and fun lecture by Harriette Knight.


Start loving yourself today!

Click on the photo below and enjoy an audio recording with a wealth of information that can change your life today!

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Harriette Knight is Featured in the 2016 Top 50 Psychics in the United States

"If you are looking for some guidance through a rough period, Harriette is the one to call. She will lift your spirits with her incredible intuitive abilities.  She is ABSOLUTELY GIFTED!! I've never known anyone to be an earth walking angel like Harriette." Cathy Margolin, Owner of Pacific Herbs


Tree Pose by Harriette Knight

"Thank you Harriette for the most amazing, spot on reading last week. I've had some time to meditate and think about what you told me. Everything you said helped me get through this situation with grace and ease and I'm so thankful to know you. You've have lifted a huge burden and are such a blessing.
CM, Oregon

Hands Love Hamsa by Harriette Knight

"I have had three sessions with Harriette and all were amazing! My body has never experienced anything like it before. I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. And the messages that she relayed to me related to everything I was experiencing in my life right now. She has been a blessing to me. " Joan P.

 Elephant hamsa by Harriette Knight