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Harriette Knight - Barnes & Noble Booksigning Event on 10/13/09, Valencia, CA

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Power Up Your Chakras

CHAKRA POWER! How to Fire Up Your Energy Centers to Live a Fuller Life by Harriette Knight is a beautiful introduction or reminder of the importance of the chakras to our health and well-being. She explains the chakra energy system so well that no one who reads this book will ever forget that the “chakras are the wheels of the bus that get you where you need to go.”

Harriette shows how chakras affect everyone’s daily lives and are not just esoteric Eastern concepts for the yogi. She uses entertaining tidbits from the Wizard of Oz – likening the ruby slippers that guided Dorothy home to our own red Root Chakra, the base of safety and security. And she likens the Yellow Brick Road that took Dorothy to the Emerald City to the Solar Plexus Chakra, our personal golden path to the green Heart Chakra of love and compassion… brilliant analogies that make the chakra system so easily understandable.

Along with her colorful explanations of each of the seven chakras, Knight offers tips to heal each chakra, as well as a bonus section on “The Meanings of Stones You Wear,” describing the healing properties and chakra activation of gems ranging from abalone to zircon. This book is a great addition to any library of books on chakras and one I’ll refer to over and over again.

Harriette Knight, Master Healer & Psychic-Medium is also the author of GEMSTONE POWER! 52 Meanings and Meditations from Abalone to Zircon.

You can hear her Psychic & Healing Hour on Blog Talk Radio every Wednesday from 3:00-4:00 p.m. PT atwww.BlogTalkRadio.com/HarrietteKnight.

Here, she enlightens us on her writing process:

Becca: What inspired you to write the book?

I have been in love with the psychic arts since I can remember. As a child, I had vivid past life memories, and envisioned my loved ones who had passed over floating around watching over me. At age 14, I started to fix up my friends according to their astrological signs. It wasn’t just the psychic arts that I loved, I loved art itself. I have been an artist my entire life.

If anyone told me that when I grew up I would be a psychic-medium or healer, I would’ve thought they were crazy. I always knew I would be an artist and a writer, but going from point A to B had a lot of detours.

In the early 90′s, after I divorced my husband, I dove head first into my spiritual practice. I was like a vacuum for information about everything from channeling to energy clearing to meditation. At the time I was searching for a book on chakras that was easy to understand and user friendly. All the books I found had a lot of big words and esoteric philosphies that did not resonate to me. There was one Chakra meditation tape that I tried and tried to listen to but the women’s voice grated on me like nails on a blackboard. I thought, “Where is an easy to understand book about Chakras??”  Fifteen years later my book, CHAKRA POWER! How to Fire Up Your Energy Centers to Live a Fuller Life was born.

Becca: What is something no one knows about you?

What most people don’t know is that for 12 years I was in an abusive marriage. This is shocking to many since my personality is independent and strong. I met my (ex) husband while working on the movie “Porky’s.”  He was one of the stars of the movie, and I was the Production Coordinator. It was love at first sight.

As time progressed, what began as flattering attention turned into controlling and mentally and verbally abusive behavior. Over the course of the relationship, I felt as if I was slowly dying, and the only thing at that time that kept my spark alive was my artwork. It was something I never gave up and, on one level, I believe it saved me.

One of the things I love most about the chakra work is its alignment with the colors of the rainbow. To me, it’s a beautiful weaving of my art background and spiritual practice.

Becca: What is the best thing anyone has said about your book?

I am very proud to say that I have heard the following words more than once. “Your book has changed my life.” Having had that experience from other authors, I can’t think of a higher compliment.  If I have been able to inspire even one person, I feel as if I have done my job well.

Becca: Any advice for others who feel they have inspiration to share?

Yes! Share it!! I believe that everyone is gifted with abilities that NEED to be shared. We are all teachers and students at the same time. Sharing inspiration often defies logic.  Listen to your intuition. Let your heart lead you. You will be shown the way for your messages and gifts to be shared. As long as you come from a place of integrity and honesty, you can never go wrong.

For healing sessions & healing jewelry, visit: www.HarrietteKnight.com

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries and Chakra Secrets


Do What You Love with the Rest Following: Passioneer® Harriette Knight, Master Healer, Author, Psychic

Biggest points that I personally gleaned from our conversations:

  • Life CAN be easy and graceful.  When it is, you know that  you’re on the right path and headed in the right direction.
  • Trust, especially trust in yourself, is the most critical element in leaping into your passions and thriving.
  • Fears may come and go along the journey, and to succeed, you must operate from a place that transcends them.

Her Radio Show Interview


Her Written Passion Q&A

SO: Your definition of “passion” – your “WHY” for being on the planet?

When I wrote my book, CHAKRA POWER! How to Fire Up Your Energy Centers to Live a Fuller Life, I realized I was motivated by my passion to educate others so that they could feel happier, healthier, and more alive.  My definition of passion is described by feeling excitement in the pit of my stomach and allowing it to radiate outward so I can share it with the world.

SO: Your biggest passions for serving others, and how you’re expressing them (include hobbies, volunteering, if you wish)?

My belief system is based on being of service to others  so everything I do reflects that.   As a healing practioner, psychic-medium, and author, my purpose is to connect with others, put them at ease, and give them something that is easy to understand that can help make their life more fulfilling.   Whether it is through healing sessions, books, radio shows, workshops, speaking engagements, or the line of Charity Clarity Healing Jewelry I design, my path is defined by passion, good will, and optimism.

SO: Your biggest challenge(s) in expressing your passions for serving others and how you’ve addressed them?

I believe that passion is the driving force that cuts through any challenges that may arise.  Because of that, I feel that any challenge can be overcome so that goals and dreams can be realized.   I have taken many leaps starting new businesses, and trusting that working for myself is the best option for me.   Fear is not a factor when doing what you love to do.

SO: Your experience of “prosperity,” as you define it, in making the leap?

Ah, the key is TRUST.  Trust that every moment is perfect, that you are always taken care of, and that there is more than enough to go around for everybody.  Being in prosperity consciousness means that you know you will always have what you need, and manifesting becomes a fun game to play.

SO:  What’s the biggest lesson that you’ve learned in making the leap?

I have learned to act on my own intuition and trust how I feel about certain situations and opportunities. If it “feels” right, it usually is.  I have learned that if I am taking care of myself, those around me will be taken care of.  I have also learned that doing what you love to do feeds your soul on a daily basis.

SO: What’s your support system look like; how did you create it?

I am fortunate that I have a foundation of support from wonderful parents, friends, and my children, which has paved the way for me to want to be successful.  Currently, I am part of an excellent network of groups such as Association of Women Entrepreneurs, Women Moving Forward Mastermind Group, and Betty Ferguson Foundation to name a few.  I created my support system by being open to the opportunities that have come my way, and attracting like-minded people.  I have also become a fan of social networking and through Facebook and Twitter, I have found excellent sources of support professionally and personally.

SO: What wisdom do you have for someone who’s scared/discouraged about their own leap?

Ask yourself the question, “What would I do if I had no fear?”  That question can lead to many opportunities for change.  Fear can either paralyze or motivate.   My advice is to never put yourself in the position to ask, “What if?”

SO: What’s your next big milestone?

So many things are on the horizon!  Currently I co-host a Blog Talk Radio Show every Wednesday called Harriette Knight’s Psychic and Healing Hour.   My new book, EASY ART FROM THE HEART,  A Rhyming Guidebook for Parents and Teachers with 100+ Art Projects for Kids Ages 2 and Up was just released, and my next book will be a flip calendar of Harriette Knight’s Daily Healing Wisdom.

Jewelry Artist: Harriette Knight


December 10, 2009 by Cyndi Lavin  


Harriette Knight is an artist with heart!  A desire and a dream showed her the way to create her Charity Clarity Healing Jewelry line.  Take a look at her beautiful work, and enjoy her story :-) Harriette writes:In March of 2003, I was looking for a way to raise money for families of U.S. Troops, and literally had a dream that told me what to do. In the dream I saw “Prayer Wheels for Peace,” and realized that I could make bracelets using vintage beads and stones, infuse them with healing energy, and use a portion of the proceeds as a donation. Being an artist and a healer, this was a wonderful outlet to utilize my creativity and healing abilities for a good cause. From there, the designs grew to include one-of-a-kind necklaces, watches, worry bead bracelets, car charms, and other items for what became the Charity Clarity Healing Jewelry line.


I love to mix up textures and styles. This piece is centered around a carnelian pendant and is a double strand of turquoise, carnelian, citrine and inspirational charms that say Dream, Believe, Hope, and Love. Someone once described my pieces as a mixture of elegance and earthiness, a kind of hard and soft, which I believe helps to carry the piece from day to evening wear.

This Butterfly Beauty is a combination of a carved Mother of Pearl Butterfly floating amidst a double strand of Abalone, Mother of Pearl, and Silver. When worn, the butterfly can float a bit to the side giving it a different look. The descriptions of each piece come with a story which includes the meanings of the stones and their healing attributes. These definitions are also included in my book CHAKRA POWER! How to Fire Up Your Energy Centers to Live a Fuller Life which offers an bonus section called Abalone to Zircon; The Meanings of the Stones You Wear.

Adding a touch of whimsy is nice, too. With this piece, the woven strands of rose quartz look like cotton candy, while the embossed turquoise ceramic pieces look like hard candies. The rose quartz and turquoise pendant transform the piece into something more serious, like going out to a nice restaurant after a day at the amusement park. Rose quartz is calming and soothing and opens the heart, while the turquoise does the same for the throat area.

Harriette Knight, Master Healer & Psychic, Author of “CHAKRA POWER! How to Fire Up Your Energy Centers to Live a Fuller Life” and EASY ART FROM THE HEART, A Rhyming Guidebook for Parents and Teachers with 100+ Art Projects for Kids Ages 2 and Up. To see the original article please visit http://blisstree.com/look/jewelry-artist-harriette-knight/

An Interview with Harriette Knight
Behind the Scenes of an Article Writing Campaign


November 3, 2009

Rebecca Kellogg of CMC/Creative Marketing Campaigns interviews Harriette Knight, an author who launched an article-marketing campaign on eHow.com to promote her book CHAKRA POWER! How to Fire Up Your Energy Centers to Live a Fuller Life.

The interview is below:

CMC: Were you were able to track data connected with the success of your article writing campaign?

Harriette Knight: I was able to track results by watching how many hits my website got per month and the numbers significantly increased with the more articles I wrote. This was linked to Facebook, Twitter, and eHow, but there is no denying, the hits started to escalate the minute I began writing the articles.

CMC: How did your article-writing campaign come about?

HK: As with most marketing campaigns, this one came about strictly by accident. I saw a posting on Facebook for an article someone had written for eHow.com and I clicked on it. Once there, I found a forum of How To Articles that could also generate some income.

At the time, I had just published my book CHAKRA POWER! How to Fire Up Your Energy Centers to Live a Fuller Life and part of me was missing the writing process, and part of me wanted to drive traffic to my website. Since I had a wealth of information to share, I began to write a frenzy of articles which were instantly published.

CMC: What was your initial goal? Did you meet it or modify it, or is this effort still in progress?

HK: My initial goal was to write 100 articles for eHow and publish a book of them, but after 57 articles my direction changed. I felt satisfied with the body of work and the recognition I sustained from doing it, and had no desire to continue. My marketing became more focused on my website, blog, radio interviews, workshops, and speaking engagements.

CMC: What did you hope to achieve? Greater exposure for your book? A certain amount of web traffic? Something concrete to share on social media?

HK: When I began to write the articles for eHow.com, I was simply excited to share the information I had and revel in the instant gratification of people reading the articles. However, what I quickly learned was that the number of hits on my website were radically increasing, and I was establishing more credibility as a writer.

Ehow.com is set up so that when an article is published, it is posted on Facebook, Twitter, and any of the other social media sites available, so the exposure became significant, and many of the readers began to follow my progress.

CMC: What kind of results and feedback did you get?

HK: I have to give eHow.com a lot of credit for their integrity and format. They have a huge member base, which is free, and the members are encouraged to rate and comment and recommend articles to other members. This creates a snowball effect for driving people to read your articles and ultimately to your website and other services. I noticed the numbers on my website increased significantly each month since beginning the article campaign.

CMC: What planning was required?

HK: In this case, there was no planning involved except the desire to drive more traffic to my website and tapping into my passion for writing.

In my opinion, using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, eHow, and others is necessary for any marketing campaign. Adding the articles on eHow proved to be a formidable asset to what I was already doing.

CMC: What did you learn from the experience?

HK: I learned that there are a lot of receptive people out there who want to know what someone else already knows. This has turned into a mutually supportive endeavor where the information is shared openly so others can succeed.

CMC: What was the most memorable thing about it for you?

HK: I believe that I am here to be of service to others, and the comments I have received from readers from my articles and/or book have reinforced that notion. Hearing the words, “Your article/book has changed my life,” has filled my heart in immeasurable ways. Knowing that my work is accessible all over the country and the world is greatly fulfilling.

CMC: Who do you think would benefit from launching a similar campaign?

HK: If anyone has something to share, they should share it, and writing articles for eHow is easy and fun. You can have mutual links from your own website driving traffic to your articles, and you can have a link from your article driving traffic to your website. Everything should be linked. Add lots of friends on your Facebook and eHow profiles, and comment on other people’s articles. This establishes relationships and trust which is imperative for selling yourself and your products. This is something that takes time and is nurtured over a period of months and years. It is not a quick fix, but a jump start to establishing credibility.

Within my first year of publishing my book, I have held workshops, numerous radio interviews, speaking engagements and a booksigning at Barnes and Noble. As a writer, having a booksigning has always been a dream, and my dream came true. Never give up on your dream. Do what you love. Success comes in many forms.


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venus conjunct sun hamsa by harriette knight

Harriette Knight is Featured in the 2016 Top 50 Psychics in the United States

"If you are looking for some guidance through a rough period, Harriette is the one to call. She will lift your spirits with her incredible intuitive abilities.  She is ABSOLUTELY GIFTED!! I've never known anyone to be an earth walking angel like Harriette." Cathy Margolin, Owner of Pacific Herbs


Tree Pose by Harriette Knight

"Thank you Harriette for the most amazing, spot on reading last week. I've had some time to meditate and think about what you told me. Everything you said helped me get through this situation with grace and ease and I'm so thankful to know you. You've have lifted a huge burden and are such a blessing.
CM, Oregon

Hands Love Hamsa by Harriette Knight

"I have had three sessions with Harriette and all were amazing! My body has never experienced anything like it before. I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. And the messages that she relayed to me related to everything I was experiencing in my life right now. She has been a blessing to me. " Joan P.

 Elephant hamsa by Harriette Knight