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What Happens During a Healing Session?

Since the healing energy has a mind of its own, anything can happen during a session.  The healing goes where it most needs to go on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.   In fact, to give you an example of this, a client came to me for a back injury, and her psoriasis cleared up.  You never know what will be affected by the healing.  There are 3 factors involved in a healing session. The practitioner, the client, and the Reconnective Healing® energy.  Together amazing things can occur, and lives are changed forever.

In addition to the healing, while the client is lying comfortably on the massage table with their eyes closed, I am fortunate that I receive intuitive messages specifically for the cient.  Often, relatives who have passed will come in to relay a pertinent message that is extremely healing. It may be for forgiveness or for a reminder that they are present in their everyday lives. Sometimes, specific ages from the past will be released that have been impacting the present.  Whether it is a burden or an entity, when it is released the client feels lighter, clearer,and more calm.  Even animal totems may make their presence known with an important message.  Approximately 30 minutes of messages are recorded on a CD.

Interestingly enough, after the messages are shared, I have no recollection of what was said.  Often I will run into a client who excitedly says, "Remember when you told me....?"   Unfortunately, I do not.   The messages are channeled so that what is shared is what most needs to be heard at the time.

Being clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient means I am fortunate to see, hear, and feel on an intuitive level, so whatever reason you may decide to come for a healing, whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, the messages that come through are for the greatest and highest good of all.   

Though most clients are more interested in the psychic information that comes through, it is the healing work that I honor most. I feel that the healing is the most important factor in the process, however, the messages, are also very healing and validating.

For more information about the healing sessions or to book an appointment, please contact Harriette Knight at 661-254-4747 or click HERE.

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Thank you so much for being in my life even though you are far away.  I so enjoy your healing warmth and the feeling of peace that comes with your healing.  Linda Sailor


This letter was sent to me from a listener of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour on Blog Talk Radio.  It's a wonderful story.....

"I had been experiencing increased pain and stiffness for years along my shoulder, neck and the lower back of my head. The pain had grown to such a level that my shoulders and neck would freeze. The loss of mobility and pain was horrible. I tried seeking help by seeing my GP, a chiropractor and massage therapist. Although I felt some relief at times, it never went away. I had to do something else. I was drawn to Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour show. I listened and thought I would call in. Before I had a chance to explain my condition, she had already told me what was wrong. She also indicated that the pain began during a challenging time in my life and that I needed help releasing myself from it. She said she would focus and send me some healing. I must say, I was impressed that she knew what was wrong and when it first started. I thought let's see what happens, but I didn't really think much about it. Some time had passed, I believe it was an hour or two and I noticed my shoulders were moving without pain. I also noticed my neck and head pain were gone. It was gone!!!!! I was speechless, beyond surprised and hoped it would continue. After two days of pain free living, I had to contact Harriette and thank her so much for everything she had done.
I was skeptical at first, but it's been several months now and I still feel great. Harriette is a miracle worker and I hope anyone and everyone who needs help finds her."
Forever grateful,
Vancouver, BC Canada

About Sean

Sean is 15 and has Asperger's Syndrome, which is a higher functioning kind of autism.  He attends regular school, but generally remains quiet, and when I met him, often fell asleep during class.  Needless to say, school was a struggle with so much hustle and bustle and an overload on Sean's delicate sense of balance.

Sean's mom, Charlene, found me on the internet. Talk about divine guidance. She was attracted first by my jewelry creations, and asked if she could come visit me to see the pieces in person. She lives about 50 minutes away, but making the trek was no problem.  When Sean's mom arrived, we hit it off immediately, and her passion for gemstones was something I could totally appreciate.

When finding out about the healing work I do, she immediately wanted to book a session for Sean, who in addition to his Asperger's also displayed lots of 15 year old male activity which is difficult for any mother. She asked if we could do a distant session in the evening while Sean slept. I replied that as long as he gives permission, we are good to go.   (I will not do a healing session unless permission is given, and if verbal permission cannot be given, the Higher Self is asked).   Sean gave a resounding "Yes," but I am sure it was his mom who was more resounding.  She was very excited.

We scheduled to begin at 9:30 in the evening.  I noticed a lot of electricity when I started the work.  When I do a distant healing session, I set up my massage table as if the person is here in the room with me.  I felt enormous electricity around the head area and two shocks went into my hand.  It felt as if Sean's head was being rewired.  After 30 minutes, the session was complete and Charlene phoned me for the intuitive messages that came through.

She told me that 15 minutes before the session, the lights in the house started to flicker and then during the session 2 lightbulbs blew out. In an email, she wrote: "Thank you so much! The lights continued to flicker clear into the next day. The fuse box peetered out but came back again without replacement. My computer signal was lost that night. More updates to come!"

Apparently for a couple of years, a friend's mom picked up Sean from school each day to bring him home.  Sean has always been quiet and never initiated any conversation, in fact what I gather it was like pulling teeth to have Sean talk, but the day after the session, Charlene shared with me that out of the blue Sean asked his friend's mom, "How was your day today?"  Everyone was stunned.

Charlene wrote:  "Overall, Sean is improving! He says he is sleeping better and able to stay awake in class. So far, the teachers haven't emailed me again about him falling asleep in class, I noticed he has even started taking notes in class and even his Acne has cleared by 70%. And as I have told you before his friend's mother thought he was quite talkative and polite last week!( unlike himself)."

Charlene came to me for a healing session as well, and scheduled a Reconnection for both her and her son.  A Reconnection is different than a healing session, though often healings take place.  It's a two day process that (re)connects the grid of your body to the grid of the universe to bring you into better health and awareness.  It's very powerful and is done only once in a person's life to take you to where you most need to go on your personal journey.   (To read more about that and the Reconnective Healing process, click HERE).

Charlene wrote "Subtle changes continue to be seen everyday with Sean. It is truly wonderful and amazing. My family is blessed to have found Harriette and Reconnective healings. We look forward to the Reconnection!!"

Meeting Sean in person was wonderful and Charlene was stunned that Sean could relax so much on the table during both sessions of the Reconnection. In fact, he fell asleep on both days and didn't seem to mind at all. Shortly thereafter, Charlene purchased a beautiful Howlite necklace and I added in the package a macrame bracelet for Sean with a dragon on it.  From his sessions, I knew he identified with Warriors and Swords of a long time past, and thought he might appreciate it.  

Charlene wrote: "Also, THANK YOU for the bracelet for Sean. In the past, he hasn't connected with jewelry much but, he surprisingly loves the bracelet with his heart and soul!. He wore it immediately and kept smiling at it. He wants me to get  another one for him and is asking for other styles.

And even more touching was what Sean wrote:

Dear Harriette,
I think that the bracelet was the greatest thing i've ever seen, places and marvels alike!  Thanks,  Sean

Charlene kept me updated with Sean's progress.  She shared, "He's expanding his horizons and oh one more thing! Thanks for the music tip. I bought him an IPOD for the first time and now he has shifted his interests and not only enjoying the computer but music as well!"

Things were also changing with Charlene. She wrote "P.S. Did I tell you my blood pressure is down without the help of medications? Hurray for me!"

But, the best news was in an email I got from Charlene yesterday which is approximately 45 days after we first met.  She wrote: "Today Sean showed a 300% improvement according to his doctor. He has become much more open, caring, expressive with an honest intention to improve himself and taking the initiation to do so himself. His teachers have also noted a major improvement in social awareness and is much more connected to others. He is now reading out loud in class and we hope that class presentations could be somewhere in the near future. Harriette, I have taken him to many famous energy healing Gurus but, none has made this kind of an impact.I hope you realize just how special you are!!!"

She continued, "At home we still have our "you haven't been listening " + "teenage arguments" which continue but, my blood pressure remains normal without any medication. Your labradorite and howlite necklaces really help when things get sour. No valium...just your necklaces help! Unbelieveably powerful."

What Charlene and Sean may not know is how blessed I feel that they came into my life.  To be of service and do the work I am meant to do is a complete joy.  And I thank them both for the updates.  They are as part of my world, as I am of theirs.                                                                                                               



Messages from the Other Side

Early in my career as a healing practitioner, I wanted to perfect the skill of hearing and seeing intuitive messages for my clients.  I was practicing Reiki at the time, and I was desperate to take my practice to the next level.  Before a healing session began, I would ask my Guides to please send me messages.  And when I least expected it, it happened.

One Sunday morning during a healing session, I was overwhelmed with the scent of roses and wondered if a rose garden had suddenly sprouted outside the window. I immediately noticed a presence standing behind the right side of my client who was reclining with her eyes closed. The right side symbolizes the mother’s side of the family, and I sensed that this was my client’s maternal grandmother who had passed. It looked fuzzy and gray to me, like a tv set with static, but it was in the shape of a woman.

In my mind’s eye I asked her her name and though it sounded like she said "Betty," I knew it was not Betty. I asked her if she had any messages for my client and she said, "Yes. Tell Yolanda that I love her, and that she’s a good girl." And then the grayness took shape of an older woman, who stuck her finger right in my face and said, "And, you tell her!" I promised I would.

When Yolanda was finished with her healing session, I asked her if she had a grandmother who had passed, and she said, "Yes." I asked her what her name was and she said, "Abuelita," which sounded like Betty to me. I gave her the message her grandmother had bestowed, and Yolanda started to cry. She said, "My grandmother passed when I was eight years old, but whenever I am feeling down, I pray to her for guidance."

After that, the messages continued to come through loud and clear often with family members or friends who have passed showing up.  I always give the messages relayed to me by guides, angels, and relatives, and I thank Abuelita for pointing her finger at me and emphatically telling me to do so.  I feel that the messages the come through go to their rightful owner.  After a message is delivered, it is quicky forgotten.



The Loophole

One of my favorite accounts about conversing with the Other Side was when a client came to me while grieving for her father who had recently passed. It seems that besides the grief for the loss, there were quite a few unresolved business issues. In particular, there was a contract in question, and the family was completely stressed about resolving a nagging question.Was there a loophole so they could get out of the contract? During the healing session, I asked my client’s father the question, and he said, "Yes, there is a loophole," and he told me exactly where it was.  Often during a healing session, helpful and tangible information can come through to put one's mind at ease, or to bring closure to a situation.  In the case of the contract and the loophole, it was certainly welcome information.




 An older woman with fibromyalgia came to me and said that she was in such pain she had to sleep on a couch surrounded with pillows. She had not moved her elbow in 2 years and had surgery on her ankle a couple of months before. Her back was always in pain. After one 30-minute session, she got up from the table and bent her elbow. "Wow," she said. Then she moved her ankle around. "Wow," she said. Then she sort of moved her back from side to side. "Wow," she said. After a moment she said, "Is this how normal people feel?" She told me 4 days later that her life had completely turned around and her kids and husband could not believe it.




There have been a few instances when someone was brought to me for a healing session when there was no hope for their survival. These were instances of severe depression and suicidal tendencies.  Here are two examples.

I received a call from a husband who phoned me from his home nearly 2 hours away. His wife was refusing to get out of bed, wouldn't eat, and was becoming more and more unresponsive.  He asked me that if he could get her to agree, could they come and see me immediately?  "Of course," I said, and waited for their arrival.  When they showed up a few hours later, I could see that this beautiful woman was a mere ghost of her former self.  Her hair had not been washed in a long time.  It was straggly and matted.  Her face was drained of color.  Her eyes had seen what they wanted to see in this life, and had lost their light.  She walked as if in a daze, and with effort, she fell on my table for a session.  This woman had no will to live whatsoever.  We did the session and on her husband's arm, she left.

He brought her back the next day, and I noticed her hair had been washed.  She had a bit more energy, had eaten, and was much more responsive.   It is not unusual for me to see things, so when I noticed a large black jaguar walk into the room, I made a note to ask her about it at the end of the session.  I said, "You have a large black jaguar that protects you.  Are you aware of that?"   She looked at me, and nodded.  And she peeled down the shoulder of her sweater to reveal a tattoo of a black jaguar that took up most of her slender back.  She was much more animated, and agreed to come back the next day for a third and final session.

When she arrived the next day, her appearance was completely different. She was dressed impeccably, with her hair and make-up done. She was smiling, and excited about her future.  After the session, she shared with me plans to move to a new location, a new job offer, a brand new life.  I heard from her about a year later and she had done all the things she said she had wanted to do, and was very, very happy.

Another instance of this type of situation was of a teenager in high school who had tried to take her life in an unimagineable and painful way.  Fortunately she survived, and her mother, who was understandably at her wit's end, brought her to see me after her daughter had been observed by mental health professionals.  As the healing session progressed, I watched the pain lift off this poor child.  I saw all the burdens she had been carrying separate from her field, and leave permanently.  After the session, she felt renewed and shared bright plans for her future.  She continues now, many years later, a beautiful and thriving young woman.




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"Thank you Harriette for the most amazing, spot on reading last week. I've had some time to meditate and think about what you told me. Everything you said helped me get through this situation with grace and ease and I'm so thankful to know you. You've have lifted a huge burden and are such a blessing.
CM, Oregon

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"I have had three sessions with Harriette and all were amazing! My body has never experienced anything like it before. I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. And the messages that she relayed to me related to everything I was experiencing in my life right now. She has been a blessing to me. " Joan P.

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