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 "My healing session with Harriette was so amazing that I'm still speechless.  100% effective.  100% accurate.  100% amazing!"  Susan Bueno



A 20 year old girl was referred by her podiatrist who had tried to help her heal her tendonitis with no success. She was a food server and was finding it too painful to work. After a 30-minute session with Harriette Knight, the girl walked out pain free and called the next day to say the tendonitis was completely gone and she was wearing sandals and walking around Disneyland! 
Now many, MANY, years later, her tendonitis has yet to return.



“If you’re lucky, your healing will come in the form you
anticipate. If you’re really lucky, your healing will
come in a form you’ve not even dreamed of – one that
the Universe specifically has in mind for you.”
                                                                                                                      Dr. Eric Pearl

Since September, 2001, Harriette Knight, a healing practitioner and intuitive, has been attuned to a very potent healing energy called Reconnective Healing® by Dr. Eric Pearl from Los Angeles, CA.  Over the years, she has facilitated thousands of healing sessions and many personal Reconnections now known as Personal Grid Alignments. 

A practitioner of Reconnective Healing uses a higher frequency of energy to make it possible for a client’s body to heal itself. The practitioner may or may not know what needs healing. The energy has an intelligence far beyond human, and will go where it is needed on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. Reconnective Healing is a very gentle "hands off" technique that has a calming effect on the client. It can be especially effective for numerous ailments including injuries, pain relief, diseases, depression, and anxiety.  Some people going through transitional periods in their life benefit greatly from a session.  It can give peace of mind, and validation to what is happening at the moment.

A client does not have to believe in or understand Reconnective Healing for it to work. It is not religious, and does not violate any religious or medical codes.  Reconnective Healing helps the body shift frequencies to a higher vibration for better general health. Sometimes people are just curious, or are drawn to having a session without knowing why. 

Harriette Knight is fortunate that during healing sessions psychic and intuitive messages are given to her for the client’s benefit. After the completion of the session, feedback is exchanged and the intuitive messages are shared.  Often relatives who have passed relay messages, which can be very healing.  All messages are recorded and emailed.

With this type of healing, one, two or three sessions are offered. The healing continues to work even after the session is completed. Clients are fully clothed and lie down comfortably with their eyes closed. The sessions are done distantly. 

The cost for a ninety minute Reconnective Healing session,
which includes 
recorded psychic messages, is $300.

Please note: Distant Healing sessions are  just as effective.

To book an appointment or receive more information,
please call or text Harriette Knight at 661-433-6007 or
click on the link below to purchase a session.
You will then be contacted to set up your appointment.



""When I spoke with Harriette Knight after the distant healing session we did, the phone was giving off so much energy, it felt radioactive."  Rebecca K. 

Healing sessions are approximately ninety minutes and include both the healing and the messages which are recorded and emailed for your convenience.

Currently, all healing sessions are done distantly and are equally effective.


(Includes Readings and Recorded Messages emailed directly to you.)



Suggested for those experiencing chronic ailments, life changing situations, and the desire to move into their true life purpose.

  Healing Sessions are currently done distantly and are equally powerful.

 For More Information, or to Schedule Your Appointment, 
  Call or text Harriette Knight at 661-433-6007.




*Personal Grid Alignments must be done in person. Vaccinations are required.


A Personal Grid Alignment is different than a Reconnective Healing®,  though one does receive healing benefits when they undergo the experience. A Personal Grid Alignment can take you to new levels of beingness, and accelerate your personal growth.

Originally, the grid or axiatonal lines (similar to acupuncture lines) of our bodies were connected to the grid of the universe.  These meridians also encircle the planet and cross at sacred sites on earth such as Sedona or Machu Picchu.  

Long ago, there was a time on this planet when verbal communication was not necessary.  Everything was communicated telepathically.  Over time as we became cut off from the grid, we lost that ability.  What the Personal Grid Alignment does is bring in new lines, increasing vibratory levels and frequencies for better health and healing.

Combining color and sound frequencies, these axiatonal lines are part of a higher dimensional system responsible for the renewal function within the DNA of the human body. A Personal Grid Alignment permanently connects the client to a higher dimensional frequency, bringing in light and information for the client’s personal evolution.   This helps to give the client a permanent "upgrade" to attract their perfect life path.  A shift occurs within the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms to provide an awareness and understanding of the universe that was not available before.  When the recipient of a Pesonal Grid Alignment is functioning at its highest capacity, awareness of people and circumstances are heightened, better health is experienced, and wiser life choices can be made. 

A Personal Grid Alignment process is something that is done once in your life, and completed in two sessions, one to two days apart.  It is recommended that at least one Healing session take place before a Personal Grid Alignment is done.  

There is a one time cost for a Personal Grid Alignment which is $333, and unlike a healing session, MUST BE DONE IN PERSON.


 For More Information, or to Schedule Your Appointment, 
  Call or text Harriette Knight at 661-433-6007


As stated above, it is recommended that at least one Healing session take place before a Personal Grid Alignment is done. 
This special package includes one Reconnective Healing® session and a Personal Grid Alignment. This can be done in 3 consecutive days, for approximately one hour each day. The healing session can be done distantly, but the grid alignment must be done in person.
Vaccinations are required.


Call 661-254-4747 to book your appointment.
Change your life today!





The Healing Sessions can be done distantly, however,

Vaccinations are required.  

 For More Information, or to Schedule Your Appointment, 
  Call Harriette Knight at 661-254-4747


What do Others Have to Say about their Healing Sessions?

Where do I begin?  From the minute I saw you come in the door at Phillis's house I knew you were someone of truth and trust.  Someone of a spiritual nature of the highest value.  Someone who has turned out in just the very short time I have known you to have helped me heal from within in ways I forgot or didn't want to think about that needed healing...You were so very right.. It didn't end that day on the table..  I am being cleansed.  Drinking lots of water...  Lots of actions from my stomach which is wonderful....  My right foot is better...   I can go on and on... Something happened yesterday that I would have  reacted so very differently, but I believe because of our session and wearing your jewelry, I remained so calm.  I am finally excited about my future again... Thank you, Thank you...  I will have to set up another session in a week or so...  With love from my healing heart and soul, Nancy


I am fortunate enough to have crossed paths with the amazing Harriette Knight. Once you have any sort of communications with Harriette you will realize what a special, real, genuine, individual she is. She is one of the most amazing, loving people I have ever met. There is nothing fake or phony about her which makes it all the more refreshing to know her. Did you get it? She's amazing!!!!!!

She does remote healing known as Reconnective Healing.

She is super-psychic! I mean she is soooooo accurate that it is amazing.

I had her do a remote healing session on me this past week. She told me to lie down in a comfortable place for approximately 30-40 minutes with no distractions. No need to worry about the time, she will phone when the session is done. During the session, she is a conduit for healing your mind, body and spirit and receiving messages to pass on to you. At the end you talk to her again and she gives you your messages. She is soooo amazingly accurate. I just can't stress this enough. 

You really need to take a look at her website which contains a wealth of information. She has a daily blog, an online store, articles, interviews, healing music, daily wisdom and books! She is the author of "Chakra Power! How to Fire up Your Energy Centers to Live a Fuller Life" and "Gemstone Power". Both of these I have read and both are super good!

I love Wednesday evenings because I can hear Harriette doing her magic on her radio show on Blog Talk Radio. You can call in and get one questioned answered for free. I love hearing how right on she is when talking to the callers. It's so much fun!

I sincerely hope that everyone gets to experience a healing from Harriette Knight. D.R.

 "I have a person I want you to consider talking to. Her name is Harriette Knight. She is a Reconnective Healer. I have been to her, as have many of my friends. I feel that she might be able to help you. You can read about her gifts on this website. If you want to talk to me about my experience, I am happy to share. I know Harriette as a friend, and have great respect for her healing gifts. 
She does not use lasers at all. In fact, you are just lying down on a massage table, in her home, and she does not touch you. She may or may not use crystals, she gets guidance from your spirit guides. I know she would be happy to talk to you on the phone first, before you book. I saw her for no specific ailment. What I got was very powerful. I was holding onto a lot of baggage from childhood trauma, and she opened it to the light and really allowed me to heal. I have experienced huge shifts in my outlook and general well-being. For clients with physical ailments, they also report dramatic results. I would not promote this type of treatment if I didn't feel it would help. It is not an entertaining psychic reading, although Harriette is clearly psychic. This is a powerful, effecient healing modality. She takes her work very seriously and is truly a healer."  Tami Smight 

"Thank you for the session yesterday. It was intense. I love all the red you have in your home--it is beautiful. The world is more colorful to me today. I seem to be connecting with my family more easily--and reading emotions more readily. It feels great. :) I am feeling more solid. The darkness has diminished." --R. K.

Dear Harriette,
"I'm so THANKFUL that I had the chance to meet you! The messages you told me really are very comforting and helpful to me. I felt so peaceful after the session, I spent the rest of the day pampering myself.  Oh and then later that day I even won $10 on a lotto ticket!!! I hope you know that you are a GIFT and a BLESSING. I can just imagine how many other people you've helped.  You are AMAZING!!! Looking forward to more happiness and enlightenment in my life. Thank you again!"  Jill Pineda
"I feel great, thank you, thank you, thank you." Maile Gray, Hypnotherapist
Wow! Harriette,
"You can't imagine what my visit with you has meant to me.  As we go through life we know many and many know us, but no one knows me as I do. I've always known I think differently from most people and see things in abstract ways, but your reading of me was filled with so much validation for who I think I am, and I am so very grateful to you for that insight.  It has enlightened my belief, and supported my belief system from an eternal perspective." 
Thank You, Maureen Benoit 

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venus conjunct sun hamsa by harriette knight

Harriette Knight is Featured in the 2016 Top 50 Psychics in the United States

"If you are looking for some guidance through a rough period, Harriette is the one to call. She will lift your spirits with her incredible intuitive abilities.  She is ABSOLUTELY GIFTED!! I've never known anyone to be an earth walking angel like Harriette." Cathy Margolin, Owner of Pacific Herbs


Tree Pose by Harriette Knight

"Thank you Harriette for the most amazing, spot on reading last week. I've had some time to meditate and think about what you told me. Everything you said helped me get through this situation with grace and ease and I'm so thankful to know you. You've have lifted a huge burden and are such a blessing.
CM, Oregon

Hands Love Hamsa by Harriette Knight

"I have had three sessions with Harriette and all were amazing! My body has never experienced anything like it before. I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. And the messages that she relayed to me related to everything I was experiencing in my life right now. She has been a blessing to me. " Joan P.

 Elephant hamsa by Harriette Knight