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365 Days of Healing Wisdom
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What a great way to start off each day with a dose of Harriette Knight's Healing Wisdom.  Each of these 365 nuggets of information was created to help you open your heart, nurture your spirit, and honor your soul.  Another reminder that the perfect words seem to show up exactly when needed. Choose a date, or randomly select. Enjoy, enjoy!

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365 Days of Harriette Knight's Healing Wisdom
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7/31 - "Allow the time for the seedlings you've planted to take hold, and trust that what you have planted will flourish.  It is often just before the seedling sprouts that many give up hope. "

7/30 - "If everything is fake and just an illusion, it sure puts the kabosh on fear, doesn't it?"

7/29 - "There are ups and downs in life for a reason.  Each moment provides us with the perfect amount of BEING.  All we can do is BE.  All we can be is PRESENT.  Just be. Just breathe."

7/28 - "The only thing that is a sure bet, is that NOTHING IS A SURE BET.  Life is just one big surprise."

7/27 - "Setting boundaries is another way of taking care of yourself, and putting yourself first.  By allowing only those who support and nurture you into your circle, you are taking an important step towards self-empowerment."

7/26- "There are 3 things you can do in a relationship. #1 - You can change it.  #2 - You can accept it 100%.  #3 - You can leave it.  The choice is yours."

7/25 - "Integrity comes from doing what you say you are going to do, following through on projects and goals, and doing it all to the best of your ability."

7/24 - "Practicing what you preach can be difficult when times are rough.  Even the greatest teacher must become the student from time to time."

7/23 - "There is no one who can be harder on yourself than you.  If you are to look at others without judgement, you must start doing the same for yourself.  The time to let go of negative self-talk is NOW!"

7/22 - "A prayer always begins in your heart, and goes from your head to your lips where it is carried by guides and angels to manifest in the perfect way.  Who do you know who needs a prayer or blessing today?  Feel free to add their names on the Prayer List."

7/21 - "We make a pact with everyone in our lives to help us attain our lessons and goals. Who has influenced you the most postiively or negatively? Remember to thank them.

7/20 - "Baby born. Child grows. Now an adult. Celebrate those in your life who have grown before your very eyes."

7/19 - "Chakra #7 - The Crown Chakra is located on top of your head and connects your human self to your spiritual side.  Ask for help through guides, God, and angels, and your prayers will be answered in the perfect way."

7/18 - "Chakra #6 - The Third Eye Chakra is located in the middle of your forehead and connects you to your intuition, dreams, and insights.  Notice how often you knew something was going happen, or when someone would call.  This will strengthen your psychic ability and Third Eye muscle."

7/17 - "Chakra #5 - The Throat Chakra rules communication, and is associated with the color blue.  Being "True Blue" means you speak with honesty and integrity.  Wearing blue helps boost the effort."

7/16 - "Chakra #4 - The Heart Chakra allows you to experience peace, love, joy, and serenity.  Holding in emotions can cause breathing and lung ailments.  Speaking from the heart helps to get things off your chest.  Breathe easily, and feel the love."

7/15 - "Chakra #3 - The Solar Plexus Chakra is located in the center of your body and infuses life force energy to your core, much like the sun solar powers the earth.  When you feel excited about a goal or dream, your solar plexus chakra shines, shines, shines, and gives you the oomph to achieve."

7/14 - "Chakra #2 - The Sacral Chakra is located about 2 inches below the belly button and rules creativity, sexuality, laughter, and joy.  Incorporate these important elements into your daily life.  Put on some music and dance!"

7/13 - "Chakra #1 -The Root Chakra is at the base of your spine. It holds anger and ego, power and fortitude.  Wear or sleep with something red to strengthen it.  Honoring anger is important. Misusing power is not."

7/12 - "People tend to forget that their bodies need a time to rejuvenate, much like a car in need of a tune-up.  If you find that you have difficulty mustering up energy, don't berate yourself.  Applaud that you are giving your body and mind a time to recharge."

7/11 - "When you are called to do something, nothing can stop it from happening. It may be postponed, it may come in a different package, or it may literally hit you over the head, but a calling will gnaw at you until you finally listen and take action."

7/10 - "In an instant, your life could change.  From low to high.  From poor to rich. From lack to abundance.  Change is a necessity.  Embrace the positive."

7/9 - "A tree is strong, but flexible.  Even the winds of time can't break its core.  The human spirit, like the tree, can withstand the most adverse conditions, and thrive."

7/8 - "Life is full of opportunities, but only if you notice."

7/7- "When the body is ready to move to a new level of vibration, it often sloughs off old energy with illness or discomfort.  Take the time to nurture yourself and understand that you are being prepared for the next chapter of your life."

7/6 - "Life is like a Rubik's Cube.  It may appear to be mixed up and impossible to solve, but in actuality, it is a perfect blend of shape and color in the process of being clicked into place."

7/5 - "Plans change. Priorities change. Notice the changes in your life, and honor them.  Change means growth."

7/4 - "Expectation can lead to disappointment, but living presently allows you to be pleasantly surprised."

7/3 - "You don't own your body.  It's a rental.  But, if you treat your body with the respect of a property owner, the return on your investment will be immeasurable."

7/2 - "What's going on outside of your house is reflective of what's going on inside your home.  Lush plants, green lawn, and thriving trees are a good indication that all is well."

7/1 - "The act of raising up your arms as if in reverence to the sun is a primal gesture that opens up your heart, and invites joy into your life.  Do this each morning, and start your day off right."

6/30 - "Completion does not mean The End.  Completion means you have primed yourself for something new."

6/29 - "A quick jaunt to the ocean or mountains can do wonders for your disposition, health, and lung capacity.  The negative ions found there can affect the body in such positive ways, it should be put into law that we make the trek at least a few times a year."

6/28 - "You are NEVER alone. You are surrounded by numerous guides, angels, and loved ones.  Ask them for help!  Until you do, they are forced to sit on the sidelines and watch." 

6/27 - "Out of the depths of sorrow and loss, the soul will rise up with strength and courage and announce to the world, "I am still here and nothing, not even death, can change that. The soul lives on forever."

6/26 - "Mercury Retrograde occurs three or four times a year. Use the time wisely to regroup, reorganize, research, revise, rejuvenate, reunite, or read."

6/25 - "Laughter is essential to your emotional well-being.  Jot down on a piece of paper how often you laugh each day.  The more you laugh, the healthier you will be.  And the louder you laugh, the better."

6/24 - "If you are searching for personal fulfillment, nurture your talents.  If you ignore them, they could shrivel up and die.  Don't let your dreams, goals, or inspiration, become a casualty."

6/23 - "If there is an elephant in the room, it's a sure bet that it is not going to just get up and walk away, so you might as well grab a handful of peanuts and give it your full attention." 

6/22 - "When we become one with our true essence, there is no sense of time or place.  We just ARE.  Ah....what a wonderful place to BE."

 6/21 - "Saying "No" to others is saying "Yes" to yourself."

6/20 - "If certain words are hard to say, such as "I love you," practice on a plant or pet. The more you say it, the easier it will be.  Pretty soon it will become second nature."

6/19 - "Life is not scripted. Or is it? Do we come into our life with everything planned out, or do we fly by the seat of our pants?   Hmmm.  Maybe flying by the seat of our pants is part of the plan." 

6/18 - "Good fortune can be anything from a hummingbird in your garden to winning the lottery.  Be grateful for all the good fortune in your life.  It's everywhere."

6/17 - "Knowing what is best for someone else is often one sided.   Always choose what is best for you.  Doing that may encourage others to do the same."

6/16 - "What if we had all the time in the world to get things done. Would we do them? Or would we keep on procrastinating until forever?"

6/15 - "Isn't it always easier to decide what to eat if there is only one item on the menu?  A vast array of choices often leads to confusion and indecisevness.  However, eating the same thing day after day leaves no room for change or growth.  Trying new things is key."

6/14 - "Looking for a new job?  Apply everywhere! The simple act of applying is all your subconscious mind needs in order for change to occur.  Start the ball rolling by applying everywhere, and you will be led exactly where you need to go."  

6/13 - "Without yin, there is no yang.  Even if you love yin with all your heart, you need to add some yang into it to remain healthy and balanced.  Enjoy both worlds. There is enough yin and yang for everyone."

6/12 - "Every person has a special gift that when added into the mix, enhances us all.  What is your special gift?  Do you use it, or ignore it?"

6/11 - "Without experiencing chaos, we wouldn't know how to appreciate stillness."

6/10 - "If you have 3 days to decide something, picture yourself on the 4th day after you made your decision.  If it feels right, you know you made the right choice. If it doesn't, you know what your decision needs to be."

6/9 - "Things only exist when you take notice.  One minute you never even heard of the idea, concept, book, car, or person, and the next minute it is everywhere! Pay attention.  It matters."

6/8 - "The quickest way to connect with Spirit is through creativity.  Sing, dance, paint, write, and revel in the joy."

6/7 - "Walking angels are everywhere.  In fact, they always seem to show up when you least expect them, so don't even bother to search.  Just act surprised, and give thanks."

6/6 - "Simplicity is achievable.  No computers, cell phones, email, cable tv, internet, people. Take it all away and you've got yourself a Walden Pond.  Be honest. Could you do it for more than a day?"

6/5 - "There are gratitude journals, dream journals, and daily journals, but what about a 'surprise' journal?  Recording all the things that surprise you during the day is the quickest way to learn present moment awareness."

6/4 - "If you stay strong in your convictions, energy vampires will be unable to drain you.  Remain true to yourself, and your field will stay clear."

6/3 - "Wind is fluid.  It moves freely.  Sometimes in gusts, and sometimes in breezes, but always in motion. You, too, are like the wind.  Always moving in the direction you most need to be."

6/2 - "It is easy to forget that the sun is still shining on a cloudy day. By the same token, your inner light does not stop shining when you are having a bad day."

6/1 - "Definition of 'hobby'...Something that you love to do so much that if you could, you would do it all the time and get paid for it.  Hmmm, shouldn't that be called a 'career?'"

5/31 - "You never know who you will meet that is going to change your life.  Be ready!"

5/30 - "We come into each life with a plan that is detailed, intricate, and divine.  So when people enter your life and you experience profound change, remember that everything is exactly as it should be."

5/29 - "Water is a precious gift we tend to take advantage of. Honor the sound of it, the taste of it, and the necessity of it.  In turn, you will be nourished in numerous ways."

5/28 - "The seed of a dream grows into fullness when supported by the inherent belief that it will happen.  Even one miniscule thought questioning this belief, can shrivel the dream forever.  Keep the seeds of your dreams alive by believing in the outcome."

5/27 - "Figuring out what you love to do isn't hard. It's the thing you want to do before you do everything you feel you have to do."

5/26 - "We can only pretend who we are not for so long. Eventually the truth will make itself known. Live by the creed of authenticity, and you will never have to think twice about who you are."

5/25 - "When a loved one is in pain, it is difficult to stand by and watch. Most often that is the only thing you can do. Being there carries a lot of weight, and is better than doing nothing at all."

5/24 - "It is often said that your true friends are those you can cry with, but more often than not, your truest friends are those whom make you laugh."

5/23 - "Love means never having to say you're sorry.  WRONG!  Love means saying whatever you need to say to make things right."

5/22 - "Your inner self reflects your outer self.  One doesn't change their hairstyle, clothing, or attitude unless something has shifted inside."

5/21 - "Revisiting your past is wise when you truly want to move forward into your future. When you revisit your past, you are given the opportunity to heal old wounds and see how much you have grown as a person."

5/20 - "Even the most adverse circumstances cannot suppress your human spirit.  It will bubble to the surface like lava inside a volcano when your destiny is at stake."

5/19 - "A human can be spiritual, but a spirit cannot be human. Thoughts like this confirm our humanism and at the same time, mold our spirituality."

5/18 - "As creatures of habit, it is not unusual to feel stuck in a daily routine. By driving to work a different way, or sitting in a different spot in your home will send a message to the brain that change is in the air."

5/17 - "What opens up your heart? Is it your children, your pets, your parents? Perhaps it is a book or a movie or a song.  Whatever opens your heart is something to be treasured.  Take the time to treasure it today."

5/16 - "Taking a vacation doesn't necessarily mean you need to travel. Unplug the phones and the computer, and you are there!"

5/15 - "Upon awakening each morning, quickly think of 3 things you want to accomplish for the day.  This excellent practice can open the way for defining your priorities."

5/14 - "In a perfect world, how do you see yourself?  That is the vision you should carry around with you at all times."

5/13 - "For some it is banjo music, or opera, rock, or reggae. Whatever your favorite, indulge, indulge, indulge. Music nurtures your soul."

5/12 - "Take a moment to appreciate nature's gifts. It's like visiting the best art gallery in the world, and it's FREE."

5/11 -  "Breathe.  If you are a mother or a non-mother, don't forget to breathe."

5/10 - "Every birthday is a blessing. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.  You are a gifted being. Celebrate your life!"

5/9 - "We travel in a pack like wolves. Only this pack is part of a soul group that travels together through lifetimes.  Who is in your pack?  Make a list of those closest to you and notice the similarities in life purpose."

5/8 - "We often have to pass through the tunnel of negativity to step into the light of positive awareness.  When deep in the tunnel, remind yourself that you won't always be there.  It's simply a moment in time." 

5/7 - "Transcending an uncomfortable situation is easier said than done.  Forgive yourself if you are unable to 'let it go,' and accept that you are exactly where you need to be." 

5/6 - "It doesn't matter if you know what is best for someone else.  The light bulb can't turn on, until the switch does. Everyone finds out what they need to know when they are ready, but when it happens, the light stays on forever."

5/5 - "Declaring your intention is the first step towards manifestation. What do you want to create? Say it aloud, share it with a group, or announce it to the world.  The more accountability, the better." 

5/4 - "There's a fine line between planning your future, and controlling the outcome.  You can outline a plan, but giving up control is the key to allowing your future to manifest properly."

5/3 - "Your life force is like a pilot light.  Without dreams and goals, it may be lit but not on fire!"

5/2 - "Anything is possible. A dream is just as possible as a fear, but many choose fear first.  Make a choice to go for the dream, and leave all fear behind." 

5/1 - "A door closes and another one opens. A window closes and another one opens.  Don't forget to go through it!  You don't want to miss these guided opportunities."

4/30 - "No one should be put in an uncomfortable situation. If something doesn't feel right, it is never too late to change your mind."

4/29 - "Lavender is a calming herb used in bath salts and lotions.  Burn lavender scented candles to bring down the energy and create a relaxing environment.  Even rambunctious children respond well to this scent."

4/28 - "Negative mind chatter can convince you that you should be doing more than what you are doing at that moment.  Simply do whatever it is you are doing, and honor it."

4/27 - "Exercise your right to think out of the box.  It's just like a muscle.  The more you do it, the more flexible and stronger you become."

4/26 - "When work is pure joy, it is called Living.  When work is draining and unfulfilling, it's called Work.  Would you prefer to Work or to Live?"

4/25 - "Sometimes it is better to just stop for the day.  The morning always brings fresh eyes."

4/24 - "When looking for guidance or an answer to a question, simply pick up a book and flip to a random page.  As your gaze hits the page, read what it is written.  It is often the exact information you were looking for."

4/23 - "The first step towards productivity is intention. Set your intention for what you would like to accomplish and then jump on the ethereal conveyor belt to get it done!"

4/22- "Six weeks before and six weeks after your birthday are the times of most change for the year. It is during this time that the expression 'When it rains, it pours' is most applicable."

4/21 - "One heart. Two hearts.  Fifty hearts. As your heart beats you are connected to everyone and everything with a spiritual morse code.  What message are you giving out?"

4/20 - "Put the music on and dance! Feel the joy! Sing a song! Ah, music....let it feed your soul." 

4/19 - Set aside expectation, and enter the world of awe."

4/18 - "What's more important to you?  Your thoughts, or your feelings?" 

4/17 - "If we already know that every moment is a surprise, why is it that we are still surprised when things are different than what we thought they were going to be?" 

4/16 - "Trees and plants need to be thanked for giving us air to breathe, food to eat, and sustenance for our soul. Thank them today."

4/15 - "You can trick your mind into believing you are happy.  It's easy. Simply smile all the time, watch funny shows on tv, and laugh even if you don't feel like it. Pretty soon your brain will process this as happiness, and the funny thing is, so will you."

4/14 - "To feel anger is human. To feel sadness is human.  To feel frustration is human.  To feel love is Divine.  Face it, we're human.  But love is powerful, and permeates ALL."

4/13 - "Hearing something 3 times is a message to pay attention! Listen. Listen. Listen."

4/12 - "Friends and family members can sustain decades of separation; journeying independently to gather the life lessons destined to be shared once again."


4/11 - "A meeting of the minds is really two hearts vibrating at the same level so that one thought can be shared symbiotically."

4/10 - "When you change your life so completely ailments that reside in your body may in fact disappear, since you may no longer be recognizable as the host.  What is the first thing you would change if you could?"

4/9 - "We all have nine animals totems that guide and protect us. Often they will show up at times when we most need them. Crows means change is coming. Butterflies signify transition. What animals have shown up in your life lately?"

4/8 - "Every person in your life is a reflection of you at the time.  By recognizing the traits in others that urk you or please you, is an extremely revealing way to see an honest reflection of yourself."

4/7 - "Life is just one big menu. Sometimes we order something delicious, and other times we just want to send the meal back."

4/6 - "Fear is what's left when a giver or receiver stops the natural process of giving and receiving." 

4/5 - "Peace comes with the knowledge that every avenue has been explored to find a better way."

4/4 - "Make a list of every single person who has caused you pain or discomfort in your life. Then going down the list, one by one, say aloud, 'Thank you, _______. I release you. You release me. I wish you the best.' Feel the burdens lift from your shoulders when you are done, and breathe."

4/3 - "Take care of yourself first, and everyone around you will be taken care of. It's a proven fact that you must take care of your children's mother.  No children? Mother yourself."

4/2 - "Broccoli or spareribs?  One is healthy and nutritious, while the other is messy, loaded with calories, and often hard to refuse because they taste so good. This analogy comes in handy while dating. Choose a healthy diet."

4/1 - "Why do fools fall in love? Because fools are often smarter than anybody." 

3/31 - "Sometimes, the only thing left to do is surrender."

3/30 - "Being free and being independent have nothing to do with each other. The common denominator is the state of BEING which offers the ultimate freedom."

3/29 - "When stressed out, try to remember what you were stressed out about 2 weeks ago. If you can't remember, know that in two weeks you won't remember this time either."

3/28 - "Time is speeding up so quickly, it's like being on an amusement ride. It's your chnoice to cringe with fear, or squeal with delight."

3/27 - "Everything is made up of energy, and energy never dies.  Even human energy continues infinitely and indefinitely."

3/26 - "Crying is one of the best ways to connect your head to your heart.  As tears fall, the lines between the head and heart blur, and healing can take place."

3/25 - "It is virtually impossible to do every single thing in your life alone. Why then, do so many of us continue to try?  Ask for help. You'll be surprised at who shows up."

3/24 - "Letting go of an expected outcome allows the outcome to unfold effortlessly. The time preceding the letting go is often fraught with worry and angst. Practice moving forward without expectation, and see what happens."

3/23 - "Gemstones that you wear or display must be cleared and cleaned regularly.  Soak in sea salt and water and dry in the sun."

3/22 - "The definition of agony and ecstasy?  Children."

3/21 - "When asking for guidance or wishing for something special, it is recommended to ask for the perfect person, remedy, or situation to come in for the greatest & highest good."

3/20 - "Lower back pain? Love & money issues. Knees acting up? Power struggles. Each body part reflects an area of your life. Noticing what ails you can bring clarity and healing."

3/19 - "Out of stillness, comes action. Give yourself permission to stop, breathe, notice your surroundings, check in with yourself, give thanks, and move forward."

3/18 - "If something is funny, laugh. If something is really dumb, laugh harder."

3/17 - "The element of surprise is what keeps things interesting. Be open to and embrace the surprises that come your way."

3/16 - "Hope is the street light on the path of life that continually illuminates our way. Without the rays of hope, we would be blind to what is possible."

3/15 - "Dreams answer your questions, prayers, and problems.  Keep a pad and pen or dream journal next to your bed to catch what can get lost after awakening. Pay attention!"

3/14 - "To honor receiving is the most important gift you can give yourself.  Silently say, "I honor receiving" throughout the day, and observe the changes in your life."

3/13- "Love comes in all forms.  Human love. Spiritual love. Crazy love. The true essence of love need not DO anything.  It just needs to BE."

3/12 - Re-inventing yourself often means starting completely over. Deconstrution equals reconstruction of a new self.

3/11 - "Breathing is the most natural thing to do, yet we so often forget to do it. Take a moment today to honor the breath."

3/10 - "The only thing that comes between success and failure is FEAR. Without fear, we can do anything."

3/9 - "Every thought is either a memory or a wish."

3/8 - "Life is a collage of experiences that evolve into a priceless masterpiece. Create it. Treasure it."

3/7 - "Energy can get stuck in the corners of your home.  Clapping out the corners with your hands, bells or chimes, will loosen clogged energy and get things moving again." 

3/6 - "Earth School is the most difficult school to attend.  Signing up for such courses as Divorce, Grief, and Bankruptcy can be overwhelming.  Don't worry, though.  It won't always be so hard, and when you graduate, you will graduate with honors."

3/5 - "Every day is a do over."

3/6 - "Earth School is the most difficult school to attend.  Signing up for such courses as Divorce, Grief, and Bankruptcy can be overwhelming.  Don't worry, though.  It won't always be so hard, and when you graduate, you will graduate with honors."

3/5 - "Every day is a do over."

3/4 - "When you peel away the layers of clothes, skin, judgements, and emotion, all that is left is the shining light of love that connects us all."

3/3 - "Forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting. Forgiveness means moving forward with grace, and acknowledging that you are stronger for the experience." 

3/2 - "Notice your thoughts. Notice when you say, 'I knew that was going to happen!' Intuition is merely listening to what you already know."

3/1 - "There is no room for fear and doubt when you are living life to the fullest.  Simply imagine that all the hotel rooms are filled, and Mr. Fear and Ms. Doubt need to find another place to stay."

2/29 - "Transformation is the realization of what is possible."

2/28 -"When your heart is full, you radiate love.  When your heart is heavy, you radiate sadness.  Your heart speaks the truth for all to see.  Fill your heart with love today."

2/27 - "Earth. Air. Fire. Water. Write it. Read it. Burn it. Wash it away. Excellent tool for getting things off your chest."

2/26 - "Candles do more than light the way.  They keep a mirror from fogging; allowing you to see who you really are."

2/25- "The brain doesn't know the difference between what is real and what is not.  Pretend you are happy and abundant, and you are."

2/24 - "Two ingredients necessary for a successful relationship are respect and consideration.  Without them, the recipe just doesn't work."

2/23 - "We are all mirrors of each other.  If someone is no longer in your life, the reflection is no longer mutual."

2/22 - "Meditation does not have to be done in a lotus position. Meditation can, and often occurs, while walking, jogging, painting, or gardening."

2/21 - "Mothers and daughters share a special bond.  And fathers and sons. And mothers and sons. And fathers and daughters. Maybe everyone shares a special bond. Why do we limit ourselves?"

2/20 - "They say that if you can count 5 friends, you are rich.  Don't forget to count yourself."

2/19 - "Present moment awareness is simply noticing your thoughts.  Simply notice your thoughts and the negative mind chatter stops. While driving and stopping at a red light, simply notice the light and say to yourself, "There's a red light."  When you do that, the rest of the thoughts about being late for work, etc., stop immediately."

2/18 - "Friends are the best barometer for gauging where you are at in your life. Who is helping you do that right now?" 

2/17- "Clutter in your mind can be reflective of clutter in your home. The less clutter you accumulate, the more access you will have to mental clarity.  Get clear, get focused, get rid of what you don't need."

2/16- "If you were stranded on a desert island and could have an unlimited supply of three foods, what would they be? Think about what you are putting in your body right now.  Is it something that uplifts your life force or depletes it?"

2/15 - "Holding something in?  Get it off your chest! Withholding truth can result in heartache, disease, pain, and suffering. If you are unable to release it verbally, say what you want in a letter or email.  You do not have to hit send to release the energy."

2/14 - "Love is just like air. Even though we can't see it, it is palatable, tangible, and accessible.  Breathe it in, and embrace it."

2/13- "Trying to do too many things at once results in overwhelm. One thing at a time results in accomplishment."

2/12 - "Shivasana is a pose in yoga commonly called 'Dead Man's Pose.' The irony is that Dead Man's pose is one of the most active poses in yoga.  Another reminder that energy never dies, and neither do we."

2/11 - "Every moment is perfect.  Even if it seems less than perfect at the time.  You are, and always will be, exactly where you need to be.  EVERY MOMENT IS PERFECT.  This is an excellent mantra for bringing you into present moment awareness."

2/10 - "Fear is not something we come into life knowing.  Fear is a learned behavior that can be unlearned.  A woman who had amnesia was asked, "Were you scared?" She replied, "Of what?" She had no comprehension of fear. Replace fear with trust, and live fully."

2/9 - "Synchronicity means that things line up exactly as they should, at the perfect time. Here's a fun exercise. Trace back from an important occurrence to where it began.  If you go back far enough, don't be surprised if it started at your birth."

2/8 - "The road from A to B is much more fun when you throw in a couple of side trips along the way.  Where did your last detour take you?"

2/7 - "Transition is the realization of what is possible."

2/6 - "Rushing and worrying are two things that do not bring you closer to your goals.  Rushing doesn't get you anywhere faster, and worrying gets you nowhere."

2/5 - "Stay current with everyone you know.  No loose ends = no regrets."

2/4 - "Putting yourself first is not a selfish act. It is essential to take care of yourself so you can fully care for others.  Put yourself first with pride, and recognize how valuable you are."

2/3 - "Anger thrives where there is no forgiveness.  Forgive yourself first, and then move on to the rest.  Forgive yourself more, and anger can no longer survive.  Eradicate anger with forgiveness."

2/2 - "A favor is often difficult to ask for, but when asked for graciously, will be graciously returned."

2/1 - "You don't have control over what you need to learn, however, you do have control over how you learn it. The hard way, or the easy way. It's up to you."

1/31 - "Picture a bag full of gold coins, and each coin represents a good deed.  Then picture yourself filling that bag over and over each and everyday. Can you feel it?  Can you feel how truly rich you are?"

1/30 - "Imagine that you could walk across the ceiling instead of the floor.  Besides a few light fixtures, not much stands in your way. If your whole world was turned upside down and there were no impediments, would your life be easier or harder?

1/29 - "When sending a message out in the world, be careful of the phrasing. For example, a personalized license plate that reads I M L8 2 is really not helpful for you or anyone behind you."

1/28 - "The irony about suspending belief is that we do it all the time. Since we are merely actors playing a part in this play called 'life,' we are always in a state of belief suspension so we can play our roles so well."

1/27 - "They say 'You can never go home again,' but the truth is, you can always visit.  Visiting the past is an excellent way to see how much you've grown."

1/26 - "Planetary vibration is raised in many ways.  One way is through catastrophe.  Where there is great loss, there is also great compassion.  This helps to raise the vibration of the planet to a new level."

1/25 - "When making a vision board, add pictures and inspirational words that reflect what you want for your future.  One vision board for your personal goals, and another for your professional ambitions is a great way to remain clear and focused on your path."

1/24 - "There is priceless information and there is worthless information.  The information is the same, but depending on who receives it will determine its value."

1/23 - "It takes a lot of courage to speak your mind, but if you speak from your heart, there is nothing to fear."

1/22 - "Write it down, write it down, write it down! Whether it is an appointment, an affirmation, a dream or a goal, write it down, write it down, write it down!"

1/21 - "Eye opening experiences happen when you least expect them.  Of course, how can you see them coming if your eyes are closed?  Be aware.  Be ready!"

1/20 - "Every YES takes you down a swift and forceful river.  Every NO is a boulder creating havoc on your journey.  Treacherous rapids, or the ride of a lifetime?  You choose."

1/19 - "Going outside your comfort zone is kind of like going out in a rainstorm.  You don't want to go, but sometimes you have to.  If it makes you feel better, take an umbrella, but never, never, opt to stay inside for good."

1/18 - "A true friend is someone who listens to what you have to say, takes it to heart, and then offers the same wisdom back to you when you need it most.  Who in your life does that?"

1/17 - "Optimism is contagious.  Find someone who has it and catch it right away."

1/16 - "If you have a nagging feeling that you forgot something, you are probably right. Take a moment to make a mental checklist to save you time in the long run."

1/15 - "It isn't so much what happens during meditation that is important; the importance comes from honoring the practice.  Practice being the key word."

1/14 - "When time gets away from you, follow it and see where it leads. There are no wasted minutes, just wasted moments."

1/13 - "Simply pretending that you are on a Reality TV show will help you think twice about your actions.  Put forth the person you want the world to see.  Your public image matters."

1/12 - "The difference between an illusion and a delusion is one exists with bells and whistles, while the other continues to exist when the bells and whistles are taken away."

1/11 - "Using different muscles is important.  Walking on the beach will work your calves, but so will cleaning out your garage.  The main thing is to keep moving, and remain conscious of all your physical actions."

1/10 - "Reconnecting with old friends can heal wounds in your heart you may not even know you had.  Neither time nor distance can defy a true friendship.  It's never too late to just say 'hello.'"

1/9 - "Boosting your spiritual hygiene by adding large doses of negative ions on a regular basis can change your life.  Translation?  Go to the beach, hike in the woods, gaze at a waterfall, become one with nature."

1/8 - "Standing up for yourself is not a privilege. It's a right.  No one can talk to you in a way that is unacceptable to you. Be strong. Take a stand. You are important!"

1/7 - "Excellent customer service is the key to business (and personal) success. Relationships are not just reserved for friends and family.  Focus on customer service, and your reputation will precede you.  Success will quickly follow."

1/6 - "If something you love to do takes a backseat, then make a point to schedule it into your day.  Schedule your yoga practice or meditation.  Schedule your hobby.  By scheduling these important things, you are sending a message to yourself that you are important."

1/5 - "Leaders are great at delegating. What can you give to someone else to do for you today?  The more you trust others to do what you ask, the more they will look to you for guidance."

1/4 - "If each day of the year you acknowledge one moment that stood out among the rest, and recorded the moment in a journal, at the end of the year, you would have 365 wondrous things that influenced you.  It's not too late to start today."

1/3 - "A good indication that it's time to de-clutter is when you are literally hit over the head.  Confront your closet or cupboard that needs cleaning before you have to get a helmet for protection.  Clearing out the clutter will keep your head clear in more ways than one."

1/2 - "A new day is like washing away the chalk drawings on the sidewalk and starting a whole new creation.  Never forget that you are in charge of what you want to create. You are the artist of your life."

1/1 - "Picture at least one thing you would like to accomplish this year.  Take a mental snapshot of it, and surround it with white light.  Like a Polaroid, it will come into focus as the year progresses.  On second thought, why stop at one?"

12/31 - "When you are fully present and accountable, maintain balance and radiate self-confidence, it doesn't matter if you are given praise or scorn.  You are complete within yourself, and free of ego. Congratulations. You simply ARE."

12/30 - "Rolling with the punches these days means it's 11:00 at night, your PC is on the fritz, and it is too late to call your computer guy. When things like this happen, don't forget to breathe.  Everything unfolds just as it should."

12/29 - "If you could time travel, what time of your life would you revisit, or what time period would you want to see up close?  Ask your friends this question and compare notes."

12/28 - "Pick one thing that you want to accomplish. You have three days to make it happen.  Anything can happen in three days.  Even miracles.  Tell someone what you are doing to hold you accountable.  You can do it!"

12/27 - "As the year winds down, rejoice in your triumphs, and take pride in your achievements.  Reflect on the good, and what you would like to bring forward into next year."

12/26 - "Reconnecting with people from your past can be extremely healing.  It can fill a void, erase a mistake, and mend a broken heart."

12/25 - "What does the word SPIRIT mean to you? Do you feel it connects you to the Divine?  Does it represent Giving?  Is it wrapped up like a present of joy or laughter?  Define what SPIRIT means to you, and embrace it fully today."

12/24 - "Though your birthday falls on the same day every year, your "astrological" birthday may come the day before or after. This is the moment when the sun returns to the exact spot it was the day you were born.  A true birthday celebration!"

12/23 - "If you ask someone their opinion, brace yourself. They just might tell you. If you don't ask for it, brace yourself anyway. Opinions come faster than a cheetah chasing prey, and sometimes feel as brutal."

12/22 - "When giving generously, you can't help but have it come back to you many times over." 

12/21 - "When traveling, remember that you are being guided to share your energy in another area so as to help raise its vibration.  ....And you thought you were just visiting relatives."

12/20 - "Moderation is the key that won't fit into the Holiday Season door."

12/19 - "The truth is, sometimes there really aren't enough hours in the day.  Do your best. That's all you can do."

12/18 - "Culture is everywhere. Take advantage of it! Whether it is a photography exhibit in a local coffee shop or a theater production at a college, support the arts.  It's one of the quickest ways to nourish your soul.

12/17 - "Often used in hypnotherapy, visualizing going down 20 stairs is a great way to relax before drifting off to sleep. As you countdown with each step, feel yourself going deeper and deeper into relaxation."

12/16 - "If humans behaved more like dogs, they would be prone to displaying unconditional love, but unfortunately such is not the case, since so many are like cats.

12/15 - "When going through an especially rough time, remember that all paths are charted and played out exactly as they should; exactly as the story was written before you were born."

12/14 - "If you traced a chain of events back to the beginning, you might end up on the day you were born.  Each step forward is connected to all the other steps before it.  Just keep following the path.  You're headed in the right direction."

12/13 - "Have you had a good laugh lately?  If you can't remember the last time you did, it's definitely time.  Nourish your soul in the best way. Laugh, laugh, laugh."

12/12 - "A surprise is something that happens when you least expect it that can change your life in the most wonderful ways.  Be ready! There are surprises around every corner."

12/11 - "The notion that the apple doesn't fall from the tree is disconcerting when you find yourself rolling your eyes at some of the things your offspring might do.  Maintain your sense of humor at all times."


12/10- "You never know who the angels are going to be in your life. It could be a friend, a stranger, or a circumstance.  Receive and be grateful, and remember that you are an angel, too."

12/9 - "The only difference between having adult children and youngsters is that when they exhibit irresponsible and often ridiculous behavior, you can't do anything about it."

12/8 - "A soul circle consists of like-minded individuals that work towards a common goal to make the world a better place.  Who is in your soul circle?"

12/7 - "Fear can paralyze you, or it can motivate you.  Which way do you want to go?"

12/6 - "Waking in the morning and going to bed at night are really the only constants of each day. The rest of the time should be filled with surprise, spontaneity, and wonder." 

12/5 - "Would you like to diffuse an argument or heated exchange?  Stop being part of it. Simply step back and observe the other rant and rave.  If you can do that without engaging, you have learned a valuable tool to reclaiming your power."

12/4 - "Never cry for the past.  Simply bask in the present.  And, rejoice for the future. The ultimate present you can gift yourself is happening right now."

12/3 - "Mostly, the things we avoid doing usually take less time to do than all the time it took to fret about it.  What's one thing that you have been avoiding?  Do yourself a favor and do it today."

12/2 - "When you feel as if you can't take another step, trust that you can."

12/1 - "Who told you that you had to color within the lines?  If you go beyond the lines, you have the opportunity to create something bigger, more beautiful, and more rewarding.  Grab your crayons today and see how far you can go."

11/30- "You never know who will come into your life to help heal your heart.  The best way to handle it?  Revel in the surprise."

11/29 - "If you want a profession, be professional. If you want to be a singer, you'd better sing. Want to be a chef, start cooking.  Declare first and then act.  It works every time."

11/28 - "The wonderful thing about creativity is that it is an endless well.  The deeper you delve into it, the more you can explore and expand your brilliance. If your creativity feels blocked, get out some play-doh. The action of using your hands will remind your subconscious how to respond."

11/27 - "Remember to give thanks to your spiritual entourage.  They are working for you 24/7. Even though the paparazzi can't see them, they never leave your side."

11/26 - "Buying a winter coat in the summer, is much like experiencing a life changing moment and knowing that its full impact will reveal itself much later on." 

11/25 - "There really is enough of everything to go around.  Love, joy, abundance, happiness.  It's all there just waiting for you to receive it.  Limiting beliefs may convince you otherwise, so let go and let in!"

11/24 - "Reflect, regroup, redecorate, reorganize, reconnect, reevaluate, read, research, rejuvenate, relax.  These are perfect things to do during a Mercury Retrograde cycle."

11/23 - "It does not matter who you've been, only who you are, and who you want to be."

11/22 - "For some, it is BBQ ribs, for others it is a nip in the autumn air.  Everyone has at least one thing that makes them stop and say, "Ahhh." What is your one thing?"

11/21 - "Hug someone today. And, then tomorrow, hug someone else. How does this register on your comfort zone? The more you hug, the more you will want to, and the easier it will become."

11/20 - "If you are meant to experience something in your life, you will be led to it numerous times.  Even if you passed on the suggestion or disregarded the message, it will continue to present itself until you have that "ah ha" moment and go for it."

11/19 - "We never stop searching.  Whether it is for money, friendships, business opportunities, or knowledge, life is one big treasure hunt. Where is your treasure map taking you?"

11/18 - "Being aware is not limited to spirituality or consciousness. Being aware also means enriching your life through reading, movies, theater, art, and current events. Be aware. Be well-rounded."

11/17 - " Some ideas are like gems that must be kept under wraps until their brilliance can be fully appreciated.  If you have any such gems, share them, and let them shine."

11/16 - "If you are assessing your life, then yes, attitude really does matter."

11/15 - "There are no dead ends in life. Only closed doors to what is no longer working in your favor.  Move forward gracefully, without slamming the past behind."

11/14 - "Permission is not just a common courtesy reserved for all those around you. It is something to give yourself so you are able to be the best person you can be."

11/13 - "A new moon is like hitting Control, Alt, Delete on your keyboard.  You get to let go of what has been holding you back so you can start fresh.  Don't forget to make you new moon wishes today."

11/12 - "Putting limits on your abilities puts you in a difficult position when given the opportunity to experience something greater than you are used to.  Either set the limits higher, or leave them at the door."

11/11 - "If you were stripped of all your outer definitions; work, family, children, talent, who would you be? You have the ability to be whomever you wish.  Own it, and be it!"

11/10 - "It is not unusual to spend an inordinate amount of time comprising a plan of action when ultimately a chain of events will unfold leading you exactly where you need to go.  Stop planning.  Start living."

11/9 - "When re-inventing yourself, it is not necessary to wipe the slate clean and start over.  Re-invention means taking the best parts and adding to them."

11/8 - "Riding the crest means you don't have time to wonder how you got there. It's present moment awareness at its best."

11/7 - "There is nothing like the adrenelin rush of feeling passionate about what you are doing.  The excitement, motivation, and enthusiasm are wildly contagious!!"

11/6 - "Change can be easy and flow naturally, or be met with resistance. Either way, it is a necessary component to moving forward on this game board of life."

11/5 - "Over time, the story of your life does not change, but the storytelling of your life certainly does." 

11/4 - "Whether you are a workaholic, chocaholic, or shopaholic, it's okay to give yourself permission to take a day off."

11/3 - "The phrase, 'Everything happens for a reason' is not just something that people say. It is a truth more powerful than you could ever imagine.  EVERYTHING happens for a reason. EVERYTHING."

11/2 - "Saying 'Thank you,' is often the only thing that needs to be said."

11/1 - "Tenacity is when a part of you says, "I can't, I can't," and the part of you that WINS says, "I must, I must."

10/31 - "Wearing a mask is a convenient way of hiding your true authentic self.  On the other hand, wearing a mask on Halloween allows you to show who you really are and who you want to be."

10/30 - "If you want to know the truth about someone, observe your pets and kids. They have a knack for knowing who has your own best interest at heart, and the inability to keep it a secret."

10/29 - "It is often the case that when you declare what you want, the doors will suddenly open to fulfill your expectation.  Don't waiver, stay clear, and keep walking through the open doors towards your goal."

10/28 - "Important Feng Shui Tip:  Always keep the lid of the toilet seat down to keep money from being flushed down the drain."

10/27 - "If you resent someone long enough, eventually you might forget the reason why.  In the scheme of things, is harboring resentment really necessary? If you are unable to talk to the person, say aloud, "I release you, you release me. I wish you the best," and be done with it."

10/26 - "Creating a vision board is a wonderful way to remind you of the possibilities in your life.  Magazines, photos, and words of wisdom can add flair and creativity.  Don't have a lot of time?  Use Post-its and stick them where they are most visible."

10/25 - "One of the greatest stress relievers is MUSIC.  Whether it is a soothing melody that washes over you, or head banging rock n' roll, music can melt away stress instantly."

10/24 - "No one thinks they know you better than your family.  What do you think?"

10/23 - "Not many people will be who you want them to be, but if you are exactly who you want to be, no one would want you to be anyone else."

10/22 - "You never know who is destined to become a friend but when it happens, the connection is undeniable. Keep the proverbial door open and see who walks in next. Your life could forever be enriched."

10/21 - "Admitting that things will never change is the first step for sudden and unexpected change to occur.  When the subconscious mind hears "never" it takes that as a signal to prove the statement wrong.  Hence the phrase, "Never say never."

10/20 - "A good indication that you need to talk to a certain someone is if you find yourself talking about that certain someone to everyone else.  Once you go to the source, the need to be heard will cease."

10/19 - "Being conscious helps. Meditation helps. Yoga and exercise help.  But sometimes nothing seems to help.  At that time you must remember that there is always help available."

10/18 - "Pre-birth planning occurs prior to each lifetime so that we can fulfill the learnings we need for our personal evolution.  Forced change occurs when we need to carry out the plan in an appropriate amount of time."

10/17 - "People inherently want to help others, but asking for help tends to require a lot of courage.  This dichotomy can upset the give and take apple cart.  Ask for help, and then receive it.  It's as simple as that."

10/16 - "Why wait? Who has time? Act now. It's about living, not longing."

10/15 - "If something you read or see affects you, let the author or artist know. Honoring what someone else does that moves you deserves recognition.  Just put it out there.  You will then be mutually rewarded."

10/14 - "As time speeds up, our ability to connect with one another also speeds up.  Through technology and like-mindedness, we are connecting at super speed bringing us a sense of unity necessary for our future evolution."

10/13 - "All the moments of your life are blips on the screen strung together.  Blip. Blip. Blip. Each one, completely different. What a movie masterpiece you are creating!"

10/12 - "Those who hurt us the most are often our best teachers. Instead of succumbing to the pain, trust that you are learning exactly what you need at the time."

10/11 - "Never be afraid to dream.  You never know what thought will spark your subconscious to take the world by storm.  Dream it.  Be it."

10/10 - "Stomach issues can stem from unexpressed anger or judgements towards family members.  Keep communication open with loved ones, and maintain a healthy digestive system."

10/9 - "Having a talk with yourself at different ages of your life can be extremely beneficial, especially when reminding your 7 year old self, or your 15 year old self that you love them."

10/8 - "Put out into the world who you really are, and if you are not sure about that, put out into the world who you really want to be." 

10/7 - "Family.  For better or worse, in sickness and in health, are there for you.  If not by blood, by friendship.  Count your blessings."

10/6 - "Where there is chaos, there is also calm, for it is often in the chaos, that we get the most clarity of who we are and where we need to be."

10/5 - "Laughing is the key to good health. When tears fall from crying, they connect your head to your heart which is very healing.  When tears fall from laughing, they do the same thing, but in a more powerful and effective way."

10/4 - "Connecting heart to heart can be as simple as a smile, or as complicated as a love relationship.  The main thing is to connect on a personal level on a daily basis."'

10/3 - "Note taking is a good practice to get into.  Carry a small notebook in your pocket or purse to jot down what others say, get a phone number you need, or record a thought. You'll be glad you did."

10/2 - "In between appointments, and clients, meetings and activities, don't forget to schedule a miracle or two.  By putting miracles on your calendar, you are sending out the message that one, they occur, and two, you expect them to happen daily. "

10/1 - "You can give your body a voice by asking a question and writing whatever pops into your head.  If you are coughing, give your lungs a voice. If your shoulders ache, ask them why.  You'll be amazed at what comes out when you put pen to paper."

9/30 - "What is real and what is not?  Many people believe that nothing is real, and everything is an illusion.  Perhaps we really are just actors portraying a life in a script that was written before our birth. What creativity and talent!" 

9/29 - "The internet is a powerful tool, and can be a spiritual connection as well. Simply ask for guidance as to what you most need, and you will be led to the perfect website with the appropriate information. This further cements the notion that everything, as well as everyone, is connected."

9/28 - "Tips for a successful speaker.  Keep it honest.  Add humor.  And throw in some really good music."

9/27 - "Almost is the bridge between never going to happen and undeniable.  Once you make up your mind to cross the bridge, you have already reached where you considered going."

9/26 - "There is always something new to learn each day. Whether you bombard your mind with a seminar of information, or catch a thought that can change your life, whatever it is, make it a practice to learn something new each day."

9/25 - "When doing a lot of release work through visualization or meditation, make sure to stay hydrated and rest if you need to.  The shift in your energy field can be quite abrupt, so be kind to yourself during the adjustment."

9/24 - "Chakras are "wheels" of energy that are in your hands, up your spine, above your head, and below your feet. Not only do you radiate light and energy, so does the space around you. The expression, "I can hardly contain myself," now takes on a new meaning, doesn't it?"

9/23 - "Hypnotherapy is the best housecleaning your brain could ever imagine. It gets rid of the cobwebs, dust, and grime that can hold back great ideas from growing. Hire a brain cleaner today!" 

9/22 - "Moving forward with your head held high is the best way, no, the only way, to leave behind what no longer serves you."

9/21 - "Certain gemstones can help you in many ways.  Rose quartz can help heal your heart and encourage self-love.  Labradorite is a wonderful meditation aid.  Lapis lazuli or sodalite can enhance communication.  Gemstones are alive.  Let them support you."

9/20 - "Sitting in silence for at least 10 minutes a day and doing nothing but breathing, will make the other 23 hours and 50 minutes go by with ease.  Honor yourself.  Breathe in, and breathe out!"

9/19 - "When releasing old energy by burning sage around your home and hearth, don't forget to ask to replace the energy with all goodness.  Whatever is released, must then be replaced. You don't want to risk being surrounded by emptiness."

9/18 - "A smile and a 'thank you' can turn a person's day into a whole different story. Whose plot point will you change today?"

9/17 - "Saying "yes" to opportunities can advance you on your life path in the most rewarding ways.  Fear is the predecessor to "No."  Say "YES," and savor the experiences that follow." 

9/16 - "Listening can be challenging, but done well, can save you a lot of time. Listen, listen, listen."

9/15 - "If we never experienced change, how would we know how good things could be?"

9/14 - "Lose something? Say the following words even if it feels silly.  "Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, please come around. Something is lost that needs to be found." And then with a quiet mind see where you are led.  Don't be surprised when this works!"

9/13 - "Being flexible means that you refrain from expectation.  If there are no expectations, there can be no disappointments.  Open the way for flexibility and experience a world full of surprises."


9/12 - "If a door of opportunity opens, walk through it!  If you don't, someone else certainly will.  If it is has to be somebody, it might as well be YOU."

9/11 - "Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breath out.  Become conscious of your breath.  Breathe in, breathe out.  Set aside just 10 minutes a day to just breathe in, and breathe out. Conscious breathing brings about conscious living."

9/10 - "Crying is not a sign of weakness. It is proof that we care. And that we are human. And that our hearts beat out in pain, and joy. Crying heals the heart. Cry, cry, cry."

9/9 - "Nine represents completion.  As this chapter of your life comes to a close, what new story are you writing?"

9/8 - "Which do you think is better? To be good at many things, or excellent at one?  That is the question for the day."

9/7 - "The garage is not just a storage space. It is an active part of the rest of the house.  Treat it as such.  Hang chimes to pull up the energy. Hang pictures on the wall.  Notice the shift in energy when you do."

9/6 - "You can only be who you are, and not who someone else wants you to be. Stay true to yourself and beware of succumbing to someone else's vision of you."

9/5 - "Need instructions on how to get out of your comfort zone?  Come out from under the covers, pull your head out of the sand, and follow the sound of your beating heart.  Stop hiding!  Life is for living."

9/4 - "If you are proud of something, share it with the world! Pride isn't something to keep to yourself.  Let others share what you are proud of with you."

9/3 - "Babies are the best teachers. When they are hungry, tired, wet, or grumpy, they have no problem letting you know. Take a lesson from the babies, and choose to get your needs met."

9/2 - "Blockages are buried deep within all of us.  Picture a giant magnet sucking out all the blockages so you can feel clear, and move fully into your life purpose."

9/1 - "A divorce isn't exclusive for married couples.  Divorcing a career, a neighborhood, or a lifestyle can be equally painful. Though a divorce can bring you closer to your true path, honor the time it takes to heal from the emotional journey."

8/31 - "You are a work in progress.  You sculpt, rebuild, envision, and change.  Enjoy the process.  You are creating a life."

8/30 - "If you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit. Do it for 30 and it becomes a lifestyle.  What kind of lifestyle do you want?  In one month, it can be yours."

8/29 - "Nothing, not a gemstone, talisman, or idol, should ever replace the trust that you are being guided exactly where you need to go on your life journey.  They can enhance it, yes, but not define it." 

8/28- "Listening is the greatest gift you can give a friend or a family member who simply needs an ear rather than a solution." 

8/27 - "Your dreams and goals belong solely to you. No one has the right to judge them, squash them, or dispute them.  They are your property.  Own them, honor them, and then achieve them."

8/26 - "When your mind tells you one thing, and your heart tells you another, eventually your heart will win out.  You can't deny your true authentic self, even when your mind tries to trick you into believing otherwise."

8/25 - "If someone keeps popping into your head, let them know.  Chances are they are thinking of you, too.  This is a great exercise for strengthening your telepathic abilities.  Use it daily."

8/24 - "Spreading yourself too thin can happen when you are good at more than one thing.  Focusing your energy on one part of your life can reap many benefits. Though it may be difficult to choose which area should get the most attention, the payoff can be huge."

8/23 - "Assuming that someone wants your help can often lead to disappointment.  Asking permission before putting yourself out there is highly recommended.  Unfortunately, some people may not welcome your good intentions."

8/22 -"Money is energy, just like air. We can't live without it. Embracing this concept can lead to an abundance of all good things including a healthy bank account."

8/21 - "Just because you do something well does not mean you need to keep doing it. It's not always easy to make transitions, but if you keep following your heart, you will always be on the right track."

8/20 - "Full moon ritual.  Write down 3 things you want to let go of in your life.  Say them aloud and then burn them.  Write down 3 things you want to bring into your life.  Say them aloud and then burn them.  This is a significant time of manifestation.  Believe."

8/19 - "When the time comes for you to fully step into your power and embrace your authentic self, fasten your seat belt and get ready for the ride of your life!"

8/18 - "If someone wants to give you something, let them. The act of giving must be reciprocated by receiving, so that the natural flow of energy can continue."

8/17 - "A secret holds a lot of power, and often a lot of pain.   Just as a valve can release pressure, so can the act of sharing something painful.  Emotions such as guilt, shame, and remorse can be released forever."

8/16 - "During a job interview, let the interviewer do the talking.  It's similar to being on a first date.  The one who talks the most usually has the better time."

8/15 - "What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you in your life?  How would your life be different if this hadn't happened? Two powerful questions shedding light on darkness."

8/14 - "Always trust that you have exactly what you need (and more), the right people surround and support you (if they don't, make changes), and you are EXACTLY where you need to be at this time.  Now breathe."

"What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you in your life?  How would your life be different if this hadn't happened? Two powerful questions shedding light on darkness."

8/13 - "There's no point in jumping to a conclusion, when you can wait an extra minute or two and come up with a proper assumption.  On second thought, assuming isn't a good idea either.  Be smart.  Wait to gather proper information before committing to doing anything."

8/12 - "If you are clear about what you want, getting "no" for an answer isn't even an option."

8/11 - "Purse or person? Are you what you carry in your wallet or purse, or how you present yourself to the world?"


8/10 - "Answering a question with "I don't know," is often the smartest and most honest phrase a person can choose.  Don't be afraid to say those words if they are the truth."

8/9 - "Yoga is all about the breath.  In through the nose, and out through the nose. With a little Darth Vader going on in the back of the throat."

8/8 - "Seeking outside help such as hypnotherapy, healing, or coaching, can transform your life in significant ways. If you feel stuck, trust that the perfect professional will come along to help break down the barriers."

8/7 - "If something doesn't feel right, it usually isn't.  Go with your gut and trust how you feel about a person, opportunity, or venture.  More than likely, you'll be right." 

8/6 - "You can get rid of hiccups immediately by gently, but firmly, pressing on your eyeballs for about 5 seconds.  Make sure your eyes are closed.  This works like a charm!" 

8/5 - "When we factor in the ego, the environment, the economy, and the eclipses, it's a miracle any of us are functioning properly!" 

8/4 - "When you hit yourself on the forehead and say, "I can't believe I never thought of that!" realize that we get the information we need when we are ready to receive it, and not a moment before."

8/3 - "Giving back to the community, volunteering your time & services, and helping those in need, is like a morphine drip for your soul."

8/2 - "Listening is the key to good communication.  That is easier said than done.  When in doubt, say nothing, and you'll wind up the winner."

8/1 - "If someone loves you, and treats you well, just let them love you.  You deserve to be loved."


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venus conjunct sun hamsa by harriette knight

Harriette Knight is Featured in the 2016 Top 50 Psychics in the United States

"If you are looking for some guidance through a rough period, Harriette is the one to call. She will lift your spirits with her incredible intuitive abilities.  She is ABSOLUTELY GIFTED!! I've never known anyone to be an earth walking angel like Harriette." Cathy Margolin, Owner of Pacific Herbs


Tree Pose by Harriette Knight

"Thank you Harriette for the most amazing, spot on reading last week. I've had some time to meditate and think about what you told me. Everything you said helped me get through this situation with grace and ease and I'm so thankful to know you. You've have lifted a huge burden and are such a blessing.
CM, Oregon

Hands Love Hamsa by Harriette Knight

"I have had three sessions with Harriette and all were amazing! My body has never experienced anything like it before. I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. And the messages that she relayed to me related to everything I was experiencing in my life right now. She has been a blessing to me. " Joan P.

 Elephant hamsa by Harriette Knight